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How to Avoid Geo-Blocking, No Matter the Country

15th January 2020

One year, I decided to visit Germany–a full ocean’s length away from the United States. I brought my family along, hoping to give us all a break from the stresses of daily routine. The trip was fantastic! However, one issue did arise during the trip, namely that of geo-blocking. When we arrived at the hotel,…

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Drivers Use Phones In Riskier Ways

30th January 2019

A study has found that there is less talking on cell phones when people are driving. However, the study also found that there is a lot more fiddling when people are behind the wheel. Results of the study discovered that drivers were actually more likely to send e-mails, send texts and do other things besides…

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Changing Locations: Benefits To Working Abroad

21st November 2018

Are you working in the country you grew up in? For many this is absolutely fine as long as there are plenty of opportunities to work in the industry they love. With opportunities to move up on the career ladder and also earn a great salary, the location you work in doesn’t really matter to…

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Top Marketing Secrets of Hotels & Casinos

17th March 2017

Entertainment segment has always been an integral element of a tourist complex that organically enters tourism industry and brings billions of dollars every year. Gambling business (casinos, slot machines, bookmakers’ offices, lotteries, etc.) is an important part of this particular sphere. For the last couple of years, the major gambling capitals saw the opening of…

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