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The perfect rum for any occasion

3rd August 2021

Cabal No.1513 launches signature serves Cabal No.1513 aged rum is created using a combination of pot and column distillation techniques with rums from prominent distilleries in Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad, Panama and the Caribbean, tropically aged at origin. The liquid is then finished in Pedro Ximénez casks in Speyside, creating a distinctive and complex, yet smooth…

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The Taste of Caviar

2nd August 2021

The delicate taste of Caviar is one that not many people get to enjoy in their lifetime because of the hefty price that accompanies it, but it is one you should most certainly try, especially if you like the flavours of the sea. Petrossian, a company that specialises in quality, with delivering Caviar, Salmon, Truffles…

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Cassario Rum’s From Aldi

2nd August 2021

Aldi has a record of prodivding a unqiue array of different spirits to it’s coustumers and Cassario is another welcome addition to find, I’ve been able to try two of their flavoured Rum, the Spiced Cherry and the Raspberry Mojito, both delivering the flavours you would expect. Tasting Notes Spiced Cherry Tasting Notes – “Lovely…

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7 Ways To Set Up A Health Drink Company

16th June 2021

If you are thinking of setting up a business, and provide people with healthy drinking alternatives you should set up a health drink business. If you are going to set up a health drink business, you should know where to start. Remember that you will be investing time and resources into the project, so you…

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Jim and Tonic Gift Set – Enjoyable Cocktails at Home

7th April 2021

Jim and Tonic, a company set on delivering you the highest-quality spirits and Jim & Tonic gift-sets, they are big on sustainability and are environmentally friendly, with methods in place to reduce waste, reuse resources and regenerate their London surroundings. Based in the Big Smoke, Jim and Tonic are committed to using only the best…

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18 Foods Which Are Suppose To Help You Lose Weight

24th March 2021

We might have put on a little bit of weight during all these Lockdowns, but we’re on the home stretch, freedom is close by and when we go back into the world some of us will want to drop a couple of pounds before they dawn their swimsuits. Here are 18 Foods to incorporate into…

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A Guide to Keeping Cross-Contamination to a Minimum

12th December 2020

In the food and beverage industry, it is incredibly important that all companies work to keep their cross-contamination to a minimum. There is always the chance that a product could cause a severe allergic reaction that would have serious consequences for the business. Here is a guide to help keep cross-contamination to a minimum in…

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BOTONIQUE: Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

21st June 2019

The Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine For Wine Lovers Botonique was created by a food and wine merchant, it is made and sourced in the UK, (except for certain botanicals and vitamins which can only be sourced from overseas) It is a Non-Alcoholic, dry & complex Sparkling Wine to sip & savour. “Delicious with wine, after wine, alongside…

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Celebrate the Great British Summer with Cobra Beer

18th June 2019

The Great British Summertime is slowly but surely approaching, so it’s about time to pick a mouth-watering Beer to enjoy in the shining sun. There are a lot of choices to choose from, so I recommend giving Cobra Beer a try, they have helped you out a bit with giving some suggestions on some good…

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How to make perfect clear ice cubes

14th January 2019

Many homes will boast some kind of freezer and if we can spare enough space in them, no doubt a little try of ice cubes too. Come those days we decide to treat ourselves to a Scotch and ice or that Summer’s day cocktail, we will head for the freezer and hope that we had…

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