Content Marketing

Top Tips for Integrating your Digital Marketing

20th December 2020

By Natalie Howells, SpiderGroup There have never been so many ways to engage with your audience, and the vast majority of these are now online. With a cross-platform audience, chances are you need to be both fluent and confident in content, email, and social media to reach your audience effectively. The marketing channels you…

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How To Effectively Market Your Podcast

4th September 2020

As a creative endeavour, many people look at podcasting as a labour of love that, with a bit of luck, will take off organically. As much as one-hit wonders and overnight successes do occur from time to time, they are a rarity. While you can taste a hint of success through talent and luck, to…

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What The Heck Does Ethics Have To Do With Digital Marketing?

4th August 2020

We tend to think of digital marketing as a process – something companies do to grab attention online and sell products. It seems to have as much to do with morality as brushing your teeth.  But as with anything that involves people, it is subject to universal ethical rules. And businesses need to be aware…

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The Benefits of Using WordPress

8th May 2020

WordPress is used in the creation of nearly one-third of all the websites on the internet, and it is used in diverse projects from microblogging to complex websites that power major corporations like Sony, Time Inc., New York Post, and NBC. WordPress is one of the only website creators and content management systems that users…

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Linux Hosting

1st April 2020

If you are new to blogging, or have just started your own website, then you might have come across the term Linux hosting. This is one of the most popular operating systems, which many new bloggers use. Linux is an open-source technology, meaning that it was created by developers who leave its original source code…

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6 ways in which the advertising industry is changing in 2020

24th March 2020

The car advertising industry has come a long way, and 2020 is the year of many advancements. Over the years, with digitalization and newer technology, we see trends like never before. The first car advertisement came in 1918, and in the last hundred years, there is a 180-degree shift in the way automobiles companies are…

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6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Your Content Is Going Wrong

6th March 2020

We live in an age where content is crucial to pretty much every component of our digital marketing experience. And when you are doing your utmost to craft unique content, no matter how hard you work at it, it doesn’t seem to take off in the way that you’d hoped. Sometimes our content doesn’t land…

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How Do You Know Your Digital Marketing Strategies Are Working?

26th February 2020

Marketing is like a big black hole to you. There is a never ending list of strategies that don’t seem to gel together into a cohesive structure. Being baffled by digital marketing especially is completely normal; most entrepreneurs struggle with this aspect at all stages of their career. But how do you figure out what…

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10 Signs Of Quality Backlinks That Every SEO Professional Must Know

14th February 2020

Backlinks are the core of search engine optimization as they can make or break your ranking game. Essentially, the health of your link profile decides whether your website will be able to make it to the top and stay there. While the numbers matter, the quality of backlinks is actually what decides your website’s fate.…

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PPC Agency Gives 5 Google Ads Tips for Startups

11th February 2020

My name is Ted and I run a Google PPC Agency In Liverpool called Amore Digital. After having been in the industry for over 6 years now I’ve seen many Google ads accounts, some only spending a few hundred a month, to others spending thousands. Even though Google ads has gotten extremely competitive over the…

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