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Campaign Tips: Where to Share A Story

May 21, 2019

If you’ve spent the last few weeks or months working on your brand, cultivating the perfect topic and building the greatest story the world has ever seen that is sure to get your brand in the spotlight then outreach to the outlets that feed these stories to the public will be the next step. And…

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Selling your car? How to handle the marketing

April 11, 2019

The internet has brought significant shifts in how cars are marketed. Today, clients walk into a deal knowing very well how the vehicle compares against other competitors, and they also have information concerning the most reasonable price range. The hurdle is proving to the client how the car you wish to sell fits into their…

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PRNEWS.IO Launches PRO Version of Marketplace

April 4, 2019

PRNEWS.IO platform, which allows brands to place sponsored articles on news sites around the world, launches its PRO mode to make its essential features for professionals available at their fingertips. An Internet company founded in Eastern Europe helps brands to build online awareness through sponsored articles and PR content in a native format. PRO mode will be a…

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How To Run A Successful Marketing Collaboration

March 28, 2019

Marketing collaborations are a great way to boost your reach and tap into new markets without spending a huge amount of money. If you can find another business that works in a similar area without being in direct competition with you, you’ll both benefit from a joint marketing campaign. For example, if you’re running a…

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3 Techniques For A Successful Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

March 28, 2019

The world of cryptocurrency is no longer just about Bitcoin. There are at least 1,500 emerging alternative cryptocurrencies storming the market with promises of multiple applications spanning beyond currency. And there are many more being churned out by startups across the globe. As technology eats deeper into our daily lives up to a point where…

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5 Ways to Market Your VO Business

February 19, 2019

Having suitable equipment and great skills are vitally important in running a VO business, but you need to make sure your audience knows about you. No matter how good you and your services are, if people aren’t aware of what you offer, you are not going to make sales. Therefore, you need to market your…

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Offline Marketing For Your Online Business

February 15, 2019

If you have an online business of any kind, then when it comes to marketing, you probably are looking at which online marketing strategies are going to best fit your business, but just because you have an online business, doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t benefit from offline marketing strategies.   In fact, using…

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London SEO & Digital Marketing Company Shares Top SEO Tips for 2019

February 5, 2019

Do you want to make your start-up visible to a large audience? If so, then it is important that you look into SEO for your business as soon as possible. Search engine optimisation is the backbone of online marketing for many small businesses these days. Not just small businesses, even the veteran companies are continuously…

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How to write the perfect Blog

January 7, 2019

The perfect blog can certainly give you many rewards, but with thousands if not millions of blogs and news content being shared online daily it is important that you make sure yours gets seen. Writing is in fact a skill and not everyone will be good at it. Putting together something that people will read…

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How much does a sponsored post cost?

January 1, 2019

Firstly for those readers that do not really know what a sponsored blog is: “A sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and…

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