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Social Media Selling Is Good, But You Also Need a Website

8th July 2020

Social media is one of the saving graces of the ongoing pandemic. It does not only connect people; it also allows anyone to generate some income through online selling. Many are taking advantage of the features of social media sites to promote their business or sell products. Facebook, in particular, has a number of features…

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How To Use Instagram Marketing For Your Business?

26th May 2020

Instagram has ameliorated its application features to support marketing activities for the business. Many brands are taking advantage of Instagram marketing to connect with their industry audience directly. The large panel of users is utilizing the platform for searching the products to make a purchase. Digital marketing experts reveal that Instagram acts as a superior…

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How Important is Social Media for Your Brand?

14th May 2020

The way businesses operate has drastically changed since laptops and computers became something most households have. Rather than shopping in traditional, brick and mortar stores, more and more consumers are deciding to shop online. This isn’t all too surprising. Online businesses have fewer overheads, so can charge lower prices. You can shop at any time…

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Using Facebook to Market Your Business

21st April 2020

The majority of consumers around the world utilize social media on a daily basis. The high volume of people who use social media means that social media is one of the best ways to market your business online. Read more about other types of digital marketing and why they are essential to your business. To…

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How to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure on Instagram

14th April 2020

Instagram is a great app whether you’re just using it to stay up to date with friends or look at memes when you’re bored. Perhaps Instagram is even a source of income for you as you’re living that influencer life. Either way, this photo and video sharing app has become one of the hottest things…

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How Your Business Can Capitalize On Facebook Live?

27th December 2019

Facebook has become the world’s largest social network, started as a medium for connecting people with friends and enlarged into the greatest marketing platform. Facebook currently serves more than 2 billion active users in which more than 1 billion users are logging on to Facebook, users spend almost an hour every day and the usage…

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How To Use Four Different Social Media Influencers for SMB

11th December 2019

“Influencer marketing” crawled its way onto the business landscape in 2006 with the first wave of paid posts from well-known bloggers. By 2010, influencer marketing was the hottest trend in digital marketing strategies and an important avenue of exposure for SMB. Now, at the start of a new decade, influencer marketing has grown to become…

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5 Business Types That Are Restricted from Placing Ads on Facebook

30th November 2019

Facebook is the primary marketing platform for many businesses. Since digital marketing has become very popular, numerous businesses pick social media pages because they can target their audience much easier and at a low cost. That makes the marketing process both effective and efficient. Pretty much every business can place ads, but because we had…

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Five incredible benefits of social media for your business

19th November 2019

Initiating a new business can be a very challenging and daunting task especially if you don’t have hands-on experience of doing it before. Gone are the days when people would rely on traditional marketing to shed light on their product or service for the public. Social media has certainly proven itself as the most suitable…

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Why you need an Instagram presence for your business in 2019

26th June 2019

It’s no secret that the year 2019 is the year of the social media platforms. Everything seems to be happening on them, and everyone seems to be using them. From movie and music stars to politicians, people just love sharing things on their social media accounts. And this means that if your business is going…

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