Everything You Should Know About Bookkeeping if You are Running a Small to Mid-Sized Business

3rd June 2021

Taking that giant leap into becoming a business owner isn’t easy, more so if it is your first time to do so. But once you have established your business, you begin reaping the rewards – and those rewards will make up for all the time and effort, not to mention the sleepless nights contemplating and…

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Debunking 5 Myths About Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

1st June 2021

For those who do not know much about private moneylenders in Singapore, common misconceptions of them include unreliability and costly interests. However, these myths are far from the truth. Authorised moneylenders in Singapore are regulated by the Ministry of Law’s Registry of Moneylenders, which means their enterprises are completely legal and legitimate. Moreover, some of…

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Discover the Maxims to Consolidate Credit Card Debt with Complete Ease

30th April 2021

Credit cards are excellent ways of earning rewards. Cash backs and travel miles are a few to mention. These cards provide “rainy day” emergency fund sources, which lay a credit building foundation. These cards work to make way for future purchases such as home or car. Life happens! You’re often stuck with multiple credit cards…

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Top Small Business Financial Management Tips in 2021

22nd April 2021

Successful entrepreneurs are almost always good money managers. Even though they may have different approaches to business, they all know how to keep money moving without overextending themselves or running over budget. Every successful small business owner needs a good understanding of how to keep money moving. The right financial strategy will help to free…

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Saving Money When You Work From Home

18th March 2021

A lot of us have spent the past year working from home, and many of us will continue to do so even after the pandemic eases. Working from home has its benefits, and one of which is being able to save money. But is there more money you could be saving? Take a look at…

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What Makes a Personal Bank Account Premium in 2021?

25th January 2021

As the technological revolution gets more deeply ingrained into the financial sectors, the characteristics of a premium personal bank account are evolving at a rapid pace. It’s been quite a while since the technological advancement started to change the ways we conduct our banking needs. Even before the work-from-home reality, banking sectors was shifting towards…

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Tips To Consider Before Choosing The Best Forex Broker

24th May 2020

Forex trading allows a certain amount of currency to be bought and held until the exchange rate rises or changes. If the exchange rate has developed favorably, the currency amount is exchanged for a profit. If you are now exchanging money in an exchange office, there is a better method for this, namely through an…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Finance in Check (Easily!)

21st May 2020

Keeping finance, payments, expenses, and incomes in check have never been so important. Indeed, nobody can be sure about what the state of the economy will be like once the pandemic becomes less critical. Savings that you thought you never had to use might be what will keep your business afloat or help you start…

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How Exchange Rates Affect Your Business

28th April 2020

For most business owners who deal domestically, exchange rates seem like no more than abstract figures. Yes, you’re aware that the pound is worth less than it used to be, but aside from wondering how it will affect your summer holiday budget, you give it little thought. The same cannot be said for businesses who…

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Emergency business loans – fast finance for your business

5th March 2020

Running a business would ideally be effortless and stress-free, allowing the owner to sit back and watch the money roll in, but this is never the case. Anyone who has a history in business will understand all about the sleepless nights it can provide and these worries often stem from a lack of funds or…

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