2020 Technology Hacks

28th August 2020

Nowadays we live and breathe technology, but as much as we love our technology, there are days when we wish that we had a faster way of doing things. And that is where the technology hacks come into the picture. With technology hacks, you have the same technology that you use every day but you…

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The technology helping the world’s elderly population

10th July 2020

While it’s often thought that the elderly aren’t as tech-savvy as the younger generations, that’s not necessarily the case. A recent survey on internet use among the 65-74 age group increased by 31% in the last eight years, while 2020’s lockdown measures has seen over-65s shopping online twice as much the previous year. However, online…

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Utilising 5G In Modern Tech

18th June 2020

The mobile market is moving extremely quickly and the introduction of 5G will only increase the opportunities available for developers and consumers alike – by offering speeds up to one hundred times faster than current available options. There will ofcourse be a time lag between availability, and although the availability is ready in some places,…

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Common Website Design Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

27th May 2020

A professional and eye-catching website is a crucial tool for attracting new customers, establishing your credibility, and building relationships. An effective website should provide a user-friendly experience, encourage a steady flow of leads, and promote ongoing sales. However, when designing your website there are a few common pitfalls that can have a negative impact on…

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How To Stop Tech Issues Consuming Too Much Of Your Business’s Time!

24th March 2020

Did you know that technology issues are one of the leading causes of wasted time in modern businesses? At first glance, this sounds like a shocking statement. But, the more you think about it, the more obvious it is! Imagine there’s a problem with your internet connection at work – what happens? The whole business…

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6 Reasons To Use Automated Trading System

21st December 2019

There is no denying how fast the financial markets move. Much like New York, they never sleep. And, when you have people making the trades, eventually they need a break, sleep, and some recharge time. But you know what doesn’t? Automated trading systems. An automated trading system is a software that is programmed to analyze…

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The new Tesla Cybertruck takes a completely new approach to how pick-ups look and function

29th November 2019

When it comes to pick-up trucks, we have already gotten used to what to expect from manufacturers. From those which are made up of two bodies which are welded together, to those which have the bed separated from the main form of the pick-up. Well, Tesla is about to change the game with their brand…

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Who Needs Superfast Broadband In Their Home?

22nd November 2019

In the age of modern technology, we live our lives on the internet. Whether it’s work, shopping, watching tv, or learning, it’s all done online. With such a reliance on the internet, it seems only logical to make sure that you’ve got a broadband package that’s capable of meeting your household’s demands. If you’re currently…

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Technology Tips To Make Your Business More Efficient

7th November 2019

Using technology for your business can be crucial because if it’s not great, then it could be holding the business back from performing at its best. There are plenty of ways to use technology to your advantage, so here are some technology tips to make your business more efficient. Know What Everyone’s Up To As…

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How Can Technology Minimize Risk of Heart Failure During Hospitalization?

31st October 2019

Heart disease remains one of the biggest health concerns in the UK, with an estimated 7.4 million people in the UK currently living with some form of coronary complaint at the end of 2018. Around 900,000 of this number are also living with an increased risk of heart failure, whilst it’s interesting to note that…

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