Now More Than Ever, Users Need Marketing Guidance

7th September 2020

In 2020, every person has been creating approximately 1.7MB of data every second. That’s about 1.145 trillion MB per day, including over 300 billion emails and 5 million Tweets sent every day. Needless to say, we’ve been digitally busy, especially during the lockdown. As a lot of businesses have seized the opportunity to embrace an…

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Marketing tips for e-commerce businesses

12th July 2020

By James Cook, SpiderGroup Every business needs a marketing strategy to be successful in the long run. With a highly competitive industry like e-commerce, it can be even harder to stand out, so tailored marketing strategies for your business are essential if you want to be recognised and found for what you offer. As…

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The Benefits of User-Centered Marketing

6th July 2020

Marketing professionals know the importance of adjusting their methods to respond to marketplace changes. User-centered marketing — also called people-centered or human-centered — is a prime example of doing that. It involves keeping your audience at the heart of every decision and showing them you have solutions to support their aspirations and needs. 1. Shows…

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Getting to Grips With Marketing Your Business

16th May 2020

Marketing is so important, without it you simply won’t make enough sales to sustain your business. You might have a fantastic company that sells products and services that people love, but you need the right promotion for them to be able to find you (and reason to choose you over your competitors). Here’s what you…

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3 Little Marketing Ideas to Make a Big Difference

14th May 2020

When people think of marketing, they consider big campaigns with wholly irritating jingles that manage to worm into your brain and stay there until the next big marketing campaign comes along. Even now, you can surely remember some song from back when you were a kid. Annoying? Yes, but it also showed that the strategy…

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Why You Don’t Always Need An In-House Marketing Team

24th April 2020

Listen. If you can afford to hire in-house marketing specialists within your business, then fine. Thanks to their skills and talents, you will have the opportunity to promote your business to the masses, and hopefully, experience the profits gained from a greater number of customers.   But if you can’t afford an in-house marketing team?…

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ABCDE in Pr Agency

PR Agencies, Marketers, Professional Writers, Key Influencers and everything in between…

21st April 2020

This subject, though should be somewhat basic, causes so much confusion and distaste in many industry sectors. Working across varied industries myself I get to see a pattern that is repeated, it is not unique to any sector whatsoever. Here’s why there is so much ongoing debate: Let’s take a basic situation of a client…

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Basic Difference between Creative Design and Digital Design Agency

16th April 2020

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or vlogger, or a B2B business, if you are tapping into the online world, especially into online marketing, at one point or another, you will need the services of creative design or a digital design agency to achieve your desired results. Whether you need a website, a logo,…

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4 Proven Strategies for Marketing to Millennials

24th February 2020

Almost every sector across the globe focuses on marketing to millennials these days, and for good reason. According to the research firm Catalyst, millennials will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce by 2025. As a large portion of consumers, millennials have become one of the most talked-about generations in the marketing world. Just like any…

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Sneaked Digital Marketing Secrets That You Should Know

12th February 2020

Indeed, it doesn’t matter at all whether you have years of experience in your business or thinking regarding starting a new one. Today, everyone, including the successful entrepreneurs or business persons are facing the heat due to the growing competition. If you have dipped your toes in the marketing field, then there are a lot…

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