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Product Launch Ideas To Kick Start A New Product

9th October 2019

For any business, it’s important to refresh your product line from time to time. As this article from Industry Forum explores, a new product is an essential line of profit. If you’ve created something new, you need to shout about it. Here are some top ideas for a product launch that will kick start any…

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7 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

7th October 2019

If you start your own brand, you would need to promote it in any way possible. At the beginning of your startup, you will not have the money needed to hire someone who can do marketing. But there are so many effective ways to make your company grow up for free. Nowadays technology makes things…

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How to choose a domain that will grow your brand

7th October 2019

A domain name is your identity online. It is how your customers recognize and find you on the internet. A right domain name is more than just a web address; it is a crucial factor that decides how impactful your online presence is. You must select the right domain name as it directs people to…

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Give Your Customers ‘The Feels’ (Novel Ways To Garner Positive Regard For Your Business)

4th October 2019

There are two ways of thinking about marketing. The first is as a megaphone, that is all about you shouting about how great you are. The second and more subtle, yet no less effective way to approach marketing your business is based on creating a positive emotional experience. A tactic that will help you to…

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Three Big Rules Of Marketing

4th September 2019

There are many rules to marketing, and most of you probably won’t know any of them, because you don’t know to. You might understand the basics of how to work a social media page, and you might have got to grips with the expenses of Google Adwords. But for the most part, marketing is something…

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Using Custom Bags to Promote Your Brand

3rd September 2019

When you have a business, you have to come up with creative means of popularising the services that you offer. One effective method of doing so is by handing out promotional products such as custom bags. These bags can be given away as gifts or as carry-bags for items bought at your store or from…

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Traditional marketing: 4 ways it’s not dead yet

27th August 2019

As we all know, we are well and truly in the era of technology. From a marketing perspective, things have certainly turned on their head as a result. Certain forms of marketing that were the go-to forms for so many businesses have gradually died off. It has led many to question whether traditional marketing is…

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Five Ways to Improve Brand Awareness and Recognition

21st August 2019

Whether you’re selling products on an ecommerce website, promoting products on your blog on behalf of other companies, or make your money online selling a service like web design, brand recognition is absolutely crucial for your success. No matter what your unique selling point is, you will want your brand to stand out from the…

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Covering Your Bases: The Simplest Ways To Market To A Customer Directly

13th August 2019

Marketing is such a vast beast, that if you think that your website is the one true way to get yourself across to a customer, you are very much mistaken! Appealing to a customer is all about that sense of intimacy, but also sparking that emotional need for them to buy your product. Marketing to…

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The advertiser’s weapon of choice

29th July 2019

No-one wants to advertise their business only for it to not quite have all the impact that you want it to have. With this in mind it makes sense that in order to make the most of advertising, you are going to need to have all the right tools at your disposal. There are a…

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