Brands that are winning at video.

23rd February 2015

There is always at least one video we can all recall off the top of our heads. Have a quick think, which one is it for you? Whether it is the sensation that was the Gangnam Style or the hilarity of the Old Spice snippets, the key to a sterling video is not only how…

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Public Relations vs Media Relations Will The Twain Ever Mix?

7th February 2015

“Mr. Gin, allow me to introduce Mr. Vermouth. Don’t shake hands now; you will never mix.” That old adage in the Bartender’s Bible may refer to Martini, but the words could easily be changed so it applies to public relations and media relations. You see, the two appear to be synonymous to the untrained eye,…

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Tips for choosing Different Design Elements of your Website

14th January 2015

Even if you’ve hired a really great web developer, designing your website in terms of its physical appearance can be tough; because of course…it’s mainly up to you! To take some of the hassle out of doing so, it’s a good way to split it up into the main categories that make up your website’s…

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How CV Library’s head of SEO uses Leaderboards for positive ROI.

9th January 2015

Rise lets you become a loved community leader and improve your website’s SEO ranking at the same time. Rise, the universal scorekeeping service, has now been used many times in a way that has helped brands and organisations to become a well-loved leader of a community and at the same time improve the SEO ranking…

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A marketing solution that is literally staring you in the face?

8th January 2015

Yep, that’s right… You use Social Media for your business but do your customers know that you are on Instagram or Twitter? If you own a Hair Salon or Barbershop then a solution is staring you in the face. Let us introduce you to Mirrortag™ a revolutionary and cost effective marketing solution for your business…

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I did quite a lot of networking last week…

23rd December 2014

I did quite a lot of networking last week…… unusual for me, but, like buses, several interesting events came along together so off I trundled. Generally, they were good – lots of new people to talk to and although I didn’t meet anyone I was interested in for my own business, there were a couple…

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Behavioural Segmentation

Social Without Segmentation?

22nd December 2014

Working in the industry teaches you a lot. You learn the fundamentals of social media, how to execute plans, and how to choose which platform is best. Now, the thing there is no shortage of, is talk of the growth in social. It’s been the “year of social media” for the past few years.  Websites…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Telephone Answering.

1st December 2014

Telephone answering is a key part to any business, I mean, where would you be without a telephone, or more importantly, how would you have personal conversations with clients or customers? Many people choose the telephone as the first port of call when trying to contact a business because it warrants an immediate and personal…

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A new way to Increase and Improve your Company and Product Visibility.

10th November 2014

I have this awesome idea and I am sure that people will like it! It is going to bring me a lot of profit! Yeah, but if you want people to like it you have to first let them know about it. You want to know how your business is doing, are your products or…

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Five ways to make your business card technology friendly.

6th November 2014

It’s pretty much a given that, if you find yourself at an event where business cards are being exchanged, you’ll get absolutely inundated with them. This happened to me recently, and after sifting through the gargantuan pile of business cards that I had amassed, it occurred to me that I was simply skimming past most…

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