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Promotional Strategies For A Successful Live Event

November 15, 2018

If live events aren’t part of your overall business marketing plan, then they definitely should be something you at least consider.   Many business owners avoid live events because they think they’re outdated, cost too much time and money when compared to online events, and don’t yield as much success, but when done the right…

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Most common New Year Resolutions

November 14, 2018

Usually after a drink and food fuelled festive period we stumble across the time to be setting our New Yeas Resolution and goal setting for the year ahead… We at least for the first week of January! So where did the New Year Resolution concept come from exactly? “Religious origins. Babylonians made promises to their…

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Ryanair Complaints

November 8, 2018

Without prejudice: I rarely will use one of my major news channels to speak about my own direct issues with companies, but with regards to Ryanair I will easily take an exception to the rules. Ham sandwich and bottle of water – 8 hours delay on Ryanair flights – Regardless to being vegetarian or not!…

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NextGen Gaming Revitalise Their Millionaires Club Series with a New Slot

November 4, 2018

Online slot machine games are continually evolving. What was popular in one month may not necessarily be so a month later. Few casino software providers know this better than NextGen Gaming. It wasn’t long ago that their Millionaires Club progressive jackpot slots were the envy of the casino world. Over the last few years, this…

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Selection of Christmas Videos from YouTube.

Generating cash in time for Christmas with Ebay & Gumtree

October 25, 2018

The stores have been marketing Christmas to us since at least October, though they really ramp up their efforts in November and December. They have to. Many retailers “depend on the last two months of the year for up to 40 percent of their annual sales” ( While consumer shopping is expected to be up…

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5 Tips for Improving Productivity by Relaxing

October 8, 2018

Think about it, you are increasing your productivity by doing nothing. It sounds too good to be true, right? But this is as factual as it gets. One of the best ways to get the head working efficiently is by giving it enough rest. You can’t keep working like clockwork and thinking your productivity would…

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What We Can Learn About Business from Slot Games

October 5, 2018

A lot has changed since slot machines were invented. While there was an addictive element decades ago that made the young more vulnerable to turning this into a habit, it’s different now. With the invention of online games where people play slots for free or for real money also came the need to build a…

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Don’t Mess with Real Money Playing (Trading) If You Know Nothing About It: Dreadful Fuck up Stories

August 31, 2018

Playing online casino games can be very depressing sometimes. You will find people losing crazy sums of money in just a few minutes. Sometimes, many of us lose, and we just say it’s the classic case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. But then, there are some cases where a player…

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Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Textbooks

August 15, 2018

Now that you have been out of school for a few months, you might be wondering what to do with your old textbooks that are no longer needed. Maybe you are planning to move and want to get rid of unneeded items like used textbooks. This is a great time to sell used textbooks, as…

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A Short Guide on how to Stop losing Tenders

August 10, 2018

As a go-getting, ambitious business person trying to get your enterprise on the map, putting in bids for tenders will vastly help the development of your business. Securing extra funds for your big idea is something you will need if you want to get things off of the ground but simply saying this is far…

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