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What Social Gaming Can Mean For Your Business!

24th July 2014

If you’re on Facebook for personal use, the likelihood is that you won’t have been fully immune to the countless requests when it comes to social gaming. From the Candy Crush Saga to Bubble Witch and beyond, gaming is taking place at unprecedented levels, and it’s now entirely inevitable. What difference does this make? Well,…

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The Social Side of Pubs and their Punters – Whose round is it?

2nd April 2014

So, you are sitting in the pub and the person you’re with has gone to the bar or toilet, leaving you all on your own. What do you do? Apart from hoping that they haven’t gone to the loo for a number two, you whip out your phone and pretend to look busy. We’ve all…

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Are children more socialized because of Internet?

1st March 2014

Introduction: It is necessary to consider the socializing potential of Internet, which is indeed huge and impressive in the present context. The Internet is the electronic platform which offers instant communication and socializing tools like emails, chat services, video streaming and more importantly, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn and so on.…

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WWE laying the Social Smackdown

27th January 2014

I write this from my sofa as I wait for the 2014 Royal Rumble. Yes, I’m a wrestling fan! Love it or hate it, it’s pure entertainment & the company are leaders, like, miles ahead of anyone in terms of dominating the world of social media. In September 2013 WWE announced it had reached the…

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Uploading family photos: why you may be uploading more than memories

11th January 2014

Hands up if you have ever taken a photo of your child on your smartphone and then uploaded it to your social media profile (such as Facebook or Instagram)? Obviously I can’t see you, but I’m guessing there are a few of you out there sitting by your computer with your hand up in the…

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Champagne and Pinterest

5th January 2014

Champagne and Pinterest Pinterest is an ideal social media platform for those who have pictures of their products to share. That’s why it’s an ideal platform for the Champagne and sparkling wine industry as there are so many gorgeous photos of bottles of Champagne or a glass of bubbly being enjoyed in so many different…

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Digital Marketing, including Social Media, to drive Growth in the Food Industry.

29th December 2013

It is widely acknowledged by food and beverage industry executives that technology will be the greatest driver of growth within their industry by findings from KPMG LLP’s 2013 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook survey. The participants that includes 100 USA based execs from brands with annual revenues of 41 billion + conclude that the likes of online…

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Social Media effect on the Champagne industry (Twitter).

28th December 2013

Having recently created a leaderboard style league table for Champagne labels actively using Twitter, I have seen how many of the top brands and smaller houses have embraced social media and the efforts that some are and indeed aren’t putting in to communicate with their target audiences. Leaderboard for Champagne: http://www.glassofbubbly.com/gob100-leaderboard/ Studying Twitter, we see that…

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Advertising Fast Food on Social Media.

27th December 2013

The great thing with using social media to market food is that these promotions usually make tempting and appetising pop up news in peoples timelines / feeds and if correctly timed, can lead to spontanious purchases such as before lunchtime at work or on the way home from work to home. People are always going…

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