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How Exchange Rates Affect Your Business

November 25, 2016

For most business owners who deal domestically, exchange rates seem like no more than abstract figures. Yes, you’re aware that the pound is worth less than it used to be, but aside from wondering how it will affect your summer holiday budget, you give it little thought. The same cannot be said for businesses who…

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November 2, 2016

National currencies always move corresponding to one another at any given point in time. Most citizens in a particular country typically felt this impact only during international travel, for example; $20 may be only enough to buy one cup of coffee in one country, but the same amount of money can also be used to…

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Understanding the Basics of CFD Trading

September 27, 2016

CFD, which is an abbreviation for Contracts for Difference, is a type of market trading that is currently attracting a growing number of retail traders all around the globe. CFD trading is simply an agreement that is reached upon by two parties to exchange the final difference gotten between the opening and closing prices of…

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How Brexit Will Impact Global Economies

September 19, 2016

Although it has been a number of weeks since Britain chose to exit the European Union, its true impact has yet to be felt. Yes, there were some initial dramatics as investors lost confidence, but these soon stabilised, and although levels may not have entirely recovered, the impact of Brexit today is less marked than…

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Investors At XTrade Europe and Investment Forecast

August 23, 2016

Online XTrade Europe investors look pretty much relaxed these days, which is strange, especially when we know the situation on the global market. The fact is that risks grow every single day, but it seems nobody cares about it. Maybe it is all because of relatively steady values of risks indexes (City index and Barclay…

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Risks in Logbook Loans and Proposed Solutions

August 8, 2016

Every now and then, people are confronted by problems that need an urgent solution. One of which (and the most common) revolves around money or finances. If you have savings, you can use it to solve your financial problem. However, if you have nothing, you can borrow from a friend. When you’re in need of…

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Streamline Your Business: Key Areas to Focus On

August 2, 2016

In order to be as efficient as possible, every business needs to review and improve its working processes in a number of different areas, at least once a year. It could be that you need to cut back costs, or simply want to improve performance in the most cost-effective manner, but assessing where improvements can…

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Online Trading Tips & Guidelines For Newbie Traders

July 5, 2016

Online trading is regarded as one of the most popular modes of trading securities and stocks following the birth of online trading. Ease of use, speed, and quick access to information on a worldwide scale is what pave a way to the popularity of online trading. Going for the right choices following the most valuable…

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3 innovative ways to raise cash for your business – without asking the bank

July 1, 2015

Great ideas alone are never sufficient when it comes to getting a new business off the ground. You will need to draw up a budget, raise capital and have some money in reserve for stock or unforeseen emergencies. Here are three ideas for accessing cash. Logbook Loans Sometimes the bank just doesn’t make a decision…

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Business Forecasting Methods to grow your Business

June 19, 2015

Business forecasting is essential for making business plans, so that your management can make informed decisions regarding the company’s future, to ensure that you have sustainability. It gives you a better understanding of the market and current climate, so that you can adjust your products, services and sales accordingly to stay ahead or to keep…

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