Where to invest in the post-covid world: 3 tips from an experienced investor

17th August 2020

When it comes to investment, the imagination draws business people in suits who hold huge amounts of capital. In reality, everything is different. Investing is often seen as something easy, but it requires a lot of money. Once the beginner starts to dig deeper, it becomes clear that investing is a process that requires determination,…

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Tips To Consider Before Choosing The Best Forex Broker

24th May 2020

Forex trading allows a certain amount of currency to be bought and held until the exchange rate rises or changes. If the exchange rate has developed favorably, the currency amount is exchanged for a profit. If you are now exchanging money in an exchange office, there is a better method for this, namely through an…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Finance in Check (Easily!)

21st May 2020

Keeping finance, payments, expenses, and incomes in check have never been so important. Indeed, nobody can be sure about what the state of the economy will be like once the pandemic becomes less critical. Savings that you thought you never had to use might be what will keep your business afloat or help you start…

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How Exchange Rates Affect Your Business

28th April 2020

For most business owners who deal domestically, exchange rates seem like no more than abstract figures. Yes, you’re aware that the pound is worth less than it used to be, but aside from wondering how it will affect your summer holiday budget, you give it little thought. The same cannot be said for businesses who…

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Emergency business loans – fast finance for your business

5th March 2020

Running a business would ideally be effortless and stress-free, allowing the owner to sit back and watch the money roll in, but this is never the case. Anyone who has a history in business will understand all about the sleepless nights it can provide and these worries often stem from a lack of funds or…

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Worthwhile Investments For All Small Trade Businesses To Make

21st January 2020

Tradesmen and women are the backbone of the economy, as with their humble enterprises they account for most of the small home-business enterprises out there. Not only this, but practical trades and skills are important to learn, and will never stop being useful. While we’re not those who will denigrate anyone motivated to take higher…

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Anti-Competition Laws in The United Kingdom and What They Mean for UK Businesses

21st January 2020

Business has always been a game. In the past century, most businesses placed major emphasis on their numbers in order to make their shareholders happy. However, the game of business has fundamentally changed in the past years. From gambling to healthcare, almost every sector is now investing in people and culture that will prove beneficial…

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OCBC bank and Osome have developed a unique service for registering a business and opening an account in one day

19th December 2019

The collaboration of OCBC BANK and Osome has created a revolutionary service designed to save the time of those who are interested in opening and developing their own business in Singapore. Now, aspiring business people have the opportunity to incorporate the company and open a business bank account in one day. OCBC BANK is the…

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How Can You Lose Your Car Insurance?

6th December 2019

There are many ways that you can lose your car insurance. This varies from company to company as there is an internal guide each company or agencies have to follow. But mostly, you can lose your insurance if you are constantly involved in the following; • When you are always involved in an accident that…

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Osome Raises US $ 3 Million to Operate in Hong Kong and the UK

26th November 2019

Osome has secured $3 million of financing in a round led by Target Global and aims to expand its business and enter global positions with the UK and Hong Kong. London, November 10, 2019 — Osome, a Singapore-based FinTech SaaS company for entrepreneurs, announced today it had raised $ 3 million in a funding round…

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