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Non-productive employees? Time to improve your office environment

November 11, 2019

You know what they say, happy employees make happy customers! And make no mistake, happy employees are also more productive. So, if you have noticed a decrease in your employees’ productivity, it may be time to update your office environment. Here is how to improve your office environment for your employees: Provide a healthy office…

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3 Ways To Market Your Private School Business

November 9, 2019

Running a private school is a very rewarding business venture, but it’s easy to forget that you need to run it like you would any other business. When you are focused on making sure that your students get the best possible education, you might not be too worried about the financial side of the business.…

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Interview with Jake Voelcker of Bristol Bicycles & Jake’s Bikes

November 6, 2019

We caught up with Jake Voelcker of Bristol Bicycles and Jake’s Bikes to find out what got him into the cycling industry Why did you start cycling and what does cycling mean to you? I’ve always been into cycling from when I was very young and used to BMX and Mountain Bike. As a teenager…

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Would working with a managed service provider benefit your business?

November 5, 2019

A lot of businesses are now choosing to outsource their IT support needs to Managed Service Providers. Just because you run a business does not automatically mean you are – or need to be, an expert in IT, but your whole business will often live or die by the IT infrastructure in place. When it…

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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Delivery Service

November 4, 2019

You may be surprised to find that the delivery service you provide is a core aspect of the business. Whether you’re working from home or you’re a corporate giant, the delivery service is important. It all boils down to the final impression you’re leaving your customers with. The delivery part of a small business can…

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5 Ways To Improve Your Dropshipping Business

November 1, 2019

Dropshipping paves the way for small business entities and even individuals to earn a decent sum without having to deal with hefty warehouse management. However, it’s vital to get yourself equipped with ample market knowledge before you set foot in this industry. The foremost thing is to find a reliable print-on-demand company like Printful UK…

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Free Online Tools To Help Your Business

October 31, 2019

When you’re starting a new business, it can cost a fortune. There are so many expenses, and you might have to wait a while before you see a return. However, ‘it’s not all doom and gloom as there is a load of free tools available online, which can help you in your business, and you…

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Considerations To Make Setting Up As A Self-employed Trades Person

October 30, 2019

So, you’ve completed your qualifications in a particular trade and you’re raring to go. YOu have two options, search for employment within an already existing company or go in alone and start a business as a self-employed tradesperson. Although both can be rewarding becoming self-employed is often the overall goal for any tradesperson. It can…

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The Wrong EHS Software is worse than No Software

October 30, 2019

If you are living right now, then you should be dealing with at least one problem. And sanity dictates that you probably want this problem gone or at least reduced rather than increasing it. The advances in technology allowed businesses to take advantage of automation and the field of EHS is no different. EHS software…

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It’s Time You Started Making The Most Of Your Office Space

October 25, 2019

If you’re running your own business, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your office. For some, it’s almost like a home away from home. If you’re spending such a lot of time there, then it pays for your office to be a comfortable and pleasant place to…

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