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Presenting Who You Are In The Best Light, On Your Website

People are clicking on your website because they have a problem and they see you as a potential solution. Immediately, your website should scream out loud that you’re focussed on the client. Even before you have met the client, you’re presenting yourself in such a way that gets to the heart of their concerns. Front…

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Will the Online Casino World Embrace Cryptocurrency in 2020?

Few things have caused as much discussion and debate in the finance world in recent years than cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Conversations often revolve around the potential that these currencies offer, as well as whether they ultimately have what it takes to become a long-term proposition and challenge more established forms of payment. However, with bitcoin,…

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Things to avoid when designing leaflets

Whether you want to hand out leaflets to inform people of an upcoming event or post leaflets on billboards, you’ll find plenty of advice on what to do when designing it. However, major mistakes can kill your conversion rate, whether it causes the leaflet to be lost in the crowd or rendered unreadable. Here are…

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How to Avoid Geo-Blocking, No Matter the Country

One year, I decided to visit Germany–a full ocean’s length away from the United States. I brought my family along, hoping to give us all a break from the stresses of daily routine. The trip was fantastic! However, one issue did arise during the trip, namely that of geo-blocking. When we arrived at the hotel,…

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How To Choose The Right University: 5 Useful Tips

Is it time for you to choose which university to go to? If this is the path you want to take, there are certain things to consider before applying. From the subject that you want to study to the length of the course, you need to be sure that it’s the right route for you.…

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4 Vital Components Of Every Successful Business Website

Every business today needs to have a website if they want to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, lots of businesses are still not using their websites to their full potential. Below are four vital components for any business website that wants to offer real value to users. A Reliable Web Host If you have an unreliable…

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Famous Celebrities Who Love Bingo Games

Ah, Bingo, probably the most innocent casino game that one can play in the 21st Century, enjoyed by everyone from OAPs to school-children, stay at home mothers to big burly football thugs. That’s right – literally everybody loves playing Bingo, and you would do well to find a part of society that isn’t completely bananas…

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Live Streaming Tips: Using Live Video In Marketing

Live video is taking over the online marketing sphere, as marketers and other professionals recognise it’s potential for generating leads and conversions. While on-demand/pre-recorded video is great too, it simply doesn’t lead to the same level of prolonged engagement. Research shows that viewers will watch live streams eight times longer than they will pre-recorded video…

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What is Creative Advertising and when Does It Really Work?

Creativity promotes thinking and gives a sense of purpose. As playing games like Online Slot games can bring positive changes in body and can boost your creativity level. In the world of Digital Marketing, a creative advertisement is more memorable and builds a fan community faster. Although creative messages get more attention to the product…

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