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Archive for November 2019

5 Business Types That Are Restricted from Placing Ads on Facebook

Facebook is the primary marketing platform for many businesses. Since digital marketing has become very popular, numerous businesses pick social media pages because they can target their audience much easier and at a low cost. That makes the marketing process both effective and efficient. Pretty much every business can place ads, but because we had…

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How To Draw More Customers Into Your Shop

When you own a shop, you’re competing with lots of other businesses that exist locally to you, and when you are on a main strip that’s known for its shopping, then you want to be able to draw more customers into your shop to get those all-important sales. Here are a few ways to draw…

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Osome Raises US $ 3 Million to Operate in Hong Kong and the UK

Osome has secured $3 million of financing in a round led by Target Global and aims to expand its business and enter global positions with the UK and Hong Kong. London, November 10, 2019 — Osome, a Singapore-based FinTech SaaS company for entrepreneurs, announced today it had raised $ 3 million in a funding round…

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Tips to Help You Not Lose Next Time You Play Poker at the Casino

Lots of people are guilty of this. You have a weekend drink and fancy a flutter at poker at the local casino, then without realising it, you’ve lost hundreds and cursing your bad luck. If you follow the tips below, you won’t be guaranteed to win but you can certainly help your chances next time…

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4 Black Friday Marketing Techniques To Boost Sales

Black Friday is fast approaching and many businesses already have their fine-tuned marketing strategy in place and ready to go. But, if you’re still yet to start your Black Friday planning, then there are some marketing techniques which you can use to boost your sales. Whether your business goal is to encourage more visitors to…

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How to Make Your SEO and PPC Campaigns Work Together

Many agencies, business and freelancers tend to approach the digital marketing world in their own way. But, unfortunately, many do tend to treat each individual strategy as if it were its own individual island. Much to the detriment of the campaigns they seek to have success in. For that reason, learning to treat each element…

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Who Needs Superfast Broadband In Their Home?

In the age of modern technology, we live our lives on the internet. Whether it’s work, shopping, watching tv, or learning, it’s all done online. With such a reliance on the internet, it seems only logical to make sure that you’ve got a broadband package that’s capable of meeting your household’s demands. If you’re currently…

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5 Marketing Events You Need To Be At In 2020

With so many marketing events throughout the year and all over the world, it can be hard to know which ones to go to. Well rather than you scouring the internet to look for yourself, here is a list of the top five most useful marketing events in the UK in 2020. Of course, if…

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4 Fantastic Ways to Grow your Business

Growing your business is more than just a generic goal – it’s essential for the survival of your entire company. But with so much work involved in the everyday running of a business, finding time to create a strategy for scaling up can be difficult. With that in mind, here are four fantastic ways that…

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