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Archive for April 2019

5 timesaving tips for holistic beauty experts

How long have you been doing what you do? Holistic beauty therapy can be about helping people to sustain the peace of mind that lets them make the most of their time – but what about yours? We’ve put together a few simple tips that could save you precious seconds, minutes and hours every working…

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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

We’re now moving into peak home sales season but even with the arrival of the warmer weather and the knowledge that many buyers will be hoping to have completed their home purchase with time to move on their own terms, so to speak, during the school holidays, it’s still highly recommended to put a little…

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How Technology is Transforming Lifestyle

We feel like technology has not been appreciated enough for the past years. People are so comfortable with where they are and change is not an option for them. From the time that technology really kicked in people have been bashing it. We will not point any fingers but instead highlight to you what it…

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5 Ways to Promote Your Miniature Golf Course

Are you looking to diversify your income by investing in a miniature golf course? A miniature golf course is aesthetically appealing, as your local clientele will find it attractive and want to visit more often. But owning a miniature golf course alone is not going to automatically bring in all the customers that you need…

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Picking The Best Online Slot For You

Making decisions in life are always difficult, especially when the options are great. Over the past decade technological advancements have allowed the gambling industry to expand their services online in incredible fashion. Just take a look at Dream Jackpot, an excellent online casino available to players around the world with just one click. This expansion…

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What is and how to become a Social Media Influencer

The term social media influencer is becoming a more and more popular descriptive for some of the more well known faces / accounts on social media. We see headlines with this term on that include both negative and positive themes, we hear big monies earned and stardom reached thanks to certain accounts that we can…

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How Social Media Marketing Surveys Can Get You Closer to Your Customers

Many companies have not yet detected that their customers spend much of the day reviewing their social networks, so why not, for example, do a survey on Facebook and use these types of platforms to conduct market research? The Importance of Social Media Surveys Social networks are online communities of people who normally share a…

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Selling your car? How to handle the marketing

The internet has brought significant shifts in how cars are marketed. Today, clients walk into a deal knowing very well how the vehicle compares against other competitors, and they also have information concerning the most reasonable price range. The hurdle is proving to the client how the car you wish to sell fits into their…

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The Why and How of Business Video Production

Now is the perfect time to start your own video production business. Video marketing is growing in importance and popularity. A study by Smart Insights revealed that 83% of businesses understand the importance of video content. As more and more companies realize this, they would look for a video production company. For this reason, jumping…

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