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Archive for December 2018

Pre-Paid Cards May Facilitate a Cash-Less Future

While half of the United Kingdom believes cash is going out of style and will be replaced by alternative pay methods, only one in five carry it on a daily basis. A new study conducted by First Bus in which researchers polled 2,000 adults in the UK found that many are instead choosing to use…

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What are the best card machines for small business in 2019?

There are many small businesses across the UK that require the ability to easily accept credit card payments and today there are many solutions to aid in getting paid on the spot. Especially ideal for those businesses on the go be it you own a mobile coffee van or you are selling art online, there…

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How E-Commerce Business Owners Can Reduce Costs?

In 2017, the e-commerce sector in the UK had reached 137.38 billion, and it is estimated that the number will only move up with time. If you are a businessperson who wants to make the most of the e-commerce growth by initiating or scaling up your e-commerce business, then you should learn to maximise profits…

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Cybersecurity Tips Every Company Needs

These days, one of the most important parts of running a business is protecting the company’s computer network from cybercriminals. There are so many hackers and viruses right now, that a company is at risk of suffering a cybercrime almost every day. If you do ever end up a victim of cybercrime, you could end…

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How to attract more Footfall to your Market Stand

We all love to see our stands busy, bustling activity and customers stood there with money in their hands desperate to purchase your items… Now back to the real world! Crowds usually attract crowds purely because us humans are inquisitive and certainly at the local market we are concerned we may be missing out on…

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Best Small Business Office Telephone Systems

Small businesses will generally use two different styles of telephone systems – VOIP and PBX. VOIP: A VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system that is hosted on the internet / cloud which enables a business on the move to function more easily. PBX (traditional phone systems): The PBX solution (private branch exchange) will generally be…

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5 Small Business Marketing Trends for 2019

For any small business it is not always easy to juggle between earning money from your business and spending time to market it though to be successful you will have to try your very best to master both! 2019 is likely to be an interesting time for UK small businesses with the doom and gloom…

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Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media for Small Businesses

Well thought through and consistent usage of social media can bring in great brand awareness and new business though there are many ways in which not to use channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media is a free marketing tool for small businesses that enables you to reach audiences across the world from…

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Starting your own Business in 2019 – 5 Key Steps:

Believe me there will most certainly be ups and downs, times you will feel on top of the world oozing in confidence and you’ll also be down in the dumps struggling to conjure up any enthusiasm – A roller coaster ride. Anybody that starts their own business deserves praise in my eyes and those who…

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Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage

Keter has certainly cornered the garden storage market here in the UK being stocked by many national sales outlets to include Amazon, Argos and Homebase. Reviews will be very mixed though mostly in the positive (above 2.5 stars out of 5) with many of the complaints being about the construction of the items and the…

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