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Archive for September 2017

Trends Shaping the Future of Online Scratch Card Games

Card games have been the favourite pastime for many, since time unknown. The card game is said to be invented some 1200 years ago and has ever since, resulted in healthy cross-country relations. With advancement in technology, even the card game fashion has changed manifold. The various technical advancements have led to the popularity of…

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Advantages of CMS

Why is content management system so important to have within a business? There are many different businesses that are jumping on the band waggon by getting CMS. Some benefits of this include, it helps you manage content, having the ability to add, remove or edit content at a moments notice. This is extremely valuable to…

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Why Human Power Is Important For Your Start Up

When it comes to launching your own business, you’re going to be met with a lot of different options. Sometimes, you can know exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve, so it’s easy enough to be able to start writing up your business plan. However, that isn’t going to be the case for…

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Marketing: It’s Not Just About The Customer

Are you hiring new workers for your business? If so you need to think about your marketing. That’s right, marketing isn’t just about getting new customers to buy from your business. You need to use marketing to get the right employees for your company as well. You might think that on such a rough job…

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The surge of vigilante paedophile hunters

This is a topic that has really flourished with frequent activity in the last few years with a growing number of people and groups getting involved and exposing what worryingly seems to be an endless chain of guilty individuals. I, like many others, tend to watch these people in action thanks mostly to videos shared on…

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Every Strategy Needs Branded Merchandise. Period.

We’re waist deep in the digital age, and that means businesses tend to b overwhelmed by which approach to online marketing to go down when it comes to planning their strategy moving forward. There is Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Instagram for businesses, video advertising and, yeah, even television ads that have the ability to take…

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2018 Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is one of a kind. Inspired by a Latin word “Velar” which means veil or hide. Velar was the name put on Ranger Rover prototypes in the 1960’s and decades later the name pops ups. The car’s exterior design was done by the Italian Massimo Frascella. Range Rover Velar offers exclusive…

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How employee engagement can enhance customer experience

Over the years, a multitude of studies have shown that dissatisfaction with employees is unlikely to provide good customer service, no matter what industry you’re in. However, you probably don’t need a study to tell you that if your employees are not engaged with their jobs, they are probably not representing your business to the…

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How do I chose the best Champagne for my money?

Today we have a lot of choice when it comes to wine from popping to the local supermarket to the wine merchants and of course we now have the internet that gives us ample choice and ease when ordering wine. What about Champagne? The king of wines and usually what we think to be one…

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