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Archive for May 2017

Why use Promotional Products for Brand Recognition

Promotional products are everywhere, many times they go unnoticed and sometimes they stand out very loud. You’ll take note next time you are out and about I am sure, from umbrellas to beer mats, USB sticks to t-shirts, brands are showcased on many everyday products and it is a frequent form of advertising for many…

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Business Protection: Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go To Waste

When you run a business of any size, you have to work extremely hard to make sure that it continues running successfully. The last thing that you want to happen is for everything to suddenly comes crumbling down because of some unforeseen circumstances. Obviously, you need to do everything possible to limit the risks to…

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Marketing for Start-Ups

Four in 10 UK start-up businesses will fail in the first five years. Why is this? There are numerous reasons identified as the causes of why fledging businesses with so much promise, shrivel and wilt away before they had chance to grow and blossom. One reason is cash flow. A stuttering, intermittent flow of cash…

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Give Your Marketing Campaign a Boost with 3D Printing Technology

According to some commentators, 3D printing could be the most important technological development in manufacturing history. With media stories ranging from their use in creating everything from human organs to firearms, it is easy to see that the possibilities are almost endless. But the potential applications of the technology also extend into other aspects of…

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6 Great Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

Any business needs to keep up with the times, and in this technological age, having your own website is a necessity that business owners cannot go without. No matter what the size of the company you own, be you the head of a large business with many employees, or a small business owner operating from…

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Embracing Digital Business Technology to Grow Your Brand

Most businesses have trouble when it comes to coping with digital change. In fact, a lot of new startups only scratch the surface of digital technology and they’re unlikely to ever reach deeper until they become a medium to large company. While this seems like a smart move due to the cost of technology these…

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Best In Show: Hosting A Successful Business Event

When you’re hosting a business event, the goal should be to drive sales, get people talking and put your company on the map. Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve got a new product you want to shout about, this guide will help you to be the best in show.   The logistics It’s…

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Making sure that you get subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

Youtube is probably one of the most enjoyed and engaging of the social media channels, the content that it now holds will keep most people occupied and browsing its channels from how to videos to live news streaming, children cartoons to documentaries. Many businesses use Youtube well to build their brand awareness, build subscribers and…

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Budgeting Advice: Overlooked Costs For Startup Engineering Firms

Starting a new engineering firm is an excellent idea if you want to make a killing this year. People with the right backgrounds could earn a fortune if they get things right. However, it’s possible to make mistakes when it comes to planning your budget. With that in mind, we’ve included some often overlooked costs…

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