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Archive for June 2014

Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing The term ‘ social media marketing ‘ refers to the broad reach of the Internet and mobile services online exchanges to enable users to participate with the community where people gather on board to communicate with each other and share their thoughts are as follows : Blogs:  A blog is an online…

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The Rise Of Social Media Marketing and the Chief Digital Officer.

As companies are starting to really appreciate and realize that branding is everything, the role of the marketing department is becoming increasingly more important to businesses. When essential technology began to be first implemented, the Chief Information Officer would often be left with important decisions involving this, as it was their responsibility and job function.…

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5 Reasons to Hop onto the Twitter Train If You Haven’t Already.

Since its arrival in 2006, Twitter has taken the social network space by storm, cutting it up into bite sized pieces of information for us all too quickly digest. With more than 500 million registered accounts and 1.6 billion search queries per day, it’s fair to say that Twitter is popular. With the likes of…

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Responsibility? The Social Buck Stops at the Company.

Social Media Responsibility

Responsibility. A simple, but incredibly important word. Corporate Responsibility, an even bigger word and a potential minefield for the uninitiated. Let me ask a question. As a company, would you happily turn to an individual, and give them complete carte blanche to spend your company money on whatever they wanted, without any form of sign…

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How Social Listening Helps in Real-Time Marketing.

How often do we decide to cut off the communication with a company because we receive tons of marketing junk? Over 90 percent of consumers do that because the messages and promotions overflowing their inbox are simply irrelevant. In order to reach its customers, companies must be in tune with their needs and respond to…

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Is Content Curation Killing Social Media Marketing?

This is a subject that has been getting more of a focus over the last few months. As with any form of Social Strategy there is a lot of debate on what you should be doing and how much you should be doing it. Content curation (in this context) is the act of finding the…

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Using “Pages to Watch” in Your Facebook Insights.

Facebook certainly helps us keep up with others, thanks to status updates, photos and milestones marked on a virtual timeline. It might come as a surprise that this information extends far beyond personal relationships, though. In fact, businesses can use Facebook to see just how their competitors are doing, thanks to a feature called Pages…

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Life with Technology and Social Media.

How can technology change our lives : Technology enables us to easily with others, allows connections and made many tasks more accessible to Iphone desktop is we live in a world of mouse and wireless access to communicate to anyone let to Led Zeppelin. From the Mall, navigation technology makes life more convenient every day…

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Brazil & Beyond: The World Cup On Social Media.

Over a year ago I travelled half way across the world and fell in love with a South American beauty called Brazil. This infectious land of sun, sea and samba is a holiday fling I will never forget. Every Monday morning I wish I was back on the beach in Rio sipping a caipirinha cocktail…

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