The Fastest Ways to Increase Your Instagram Following.

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media outlets. With more than 150 million users – and that number keeps growing larger each day – you have a large pool of potential followers. Whether you’re using Instagram for business or for personal use, you want to have a lot of followers. More importantly,…

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The Fastest Way to Build a Following on Pinterest.

What’s the point of working to have a social media presence if no one notices your efforts? Social media’s main purpose is to help you build connections, after all. So if you’re blindly wandering around Pinterest, struggling to build a following, you’re wasting your time. Or, perhaps you’re just now launching a Pinterest account in…

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Facebook Reach: Totally Worth It or Totally Worthless?

There is not a ton of information out there by various Facebook marketing experts when it concerns Facebook Reach and Facebook Insights.  The handful that have reviewed the workings of Facebook Reach certainly either have words of praise or words of condemnation. Back in December and then again during February, there was a rather heated…

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6 Reasons Your Fans Aren’t Responding to Your Facebook Posts

Why Aren't Fans Responding On Facebook? Vaccoda Design

The first sign that things were changing on Facebook appeared a few weeks ago. There was a significant drop in reach for almost all of our clients. Reach is the metric provided in Facebook analytics that is supposed to show how much exposure a post receives. The drop happened on the same day immediately following…

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How to Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Double Your Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social networks on the scene. Increasing your activity and knowing the tricks to get more Pinterest followers is important. If your product is targeted towards women then it is crucial to have an online presence on Pinterest. Pinterest is the now the 3rd most popular social network and…

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To buy or not to buy .. fans and followers..

  One of my absolute pet peeves is seeing profiles on Facebook and Twitter that have clearly purchased their extensive following.  Not only is it misleading to potential customers but it can be damaging for the company’s reputation. There was a documentary on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme in the UK recently (Celebs, brands and fake…

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