Social Media

Social Media holds the News Headlines of today

27th August 2017

People are hungry for news outside of the traditional press, this creative and mostly non politically biased content is found on social media. With the modern smartphone now a main stay and adopted everyday consumer gadget, more and more people are becoming amateur journalists. Anyone with a photo and / or video recording device can…

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Maximise Your Exposure Using The Following Strong Social Media Specifics

22nd August 2017

When you utilize social media tricks to gain exposure towards a platform or object of sale, you need to place it in the right areas. If you don’t, you risk missing out on your demographic entirely. Remember, the ‘sharing’ culture of social media means that you don’t have to worry about targeting your campaign to…

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3 Examples of Fantastic Pinterest Campaigns

7th August 2017

Pinterest is a powerful platform for marketing campaigns, but it’s one that’s been criminally underused- until now. The ubiquity of Facebook and their focus on making money through advertisements has seen them become something of a haven for marketers, and in response, any number of guides on ‘Killer Facebook Marketing’ and ‘How to Hack Facebook…

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How the Hospitality Industry Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

19th July 2017

Do you work in hospitality? Did you know that you can get one of the biggest returns on investment by investing in social media marketing strategies? It’s not all that surprising when you consider the popularity of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and the fact that you can directly engage with your target market, but so…

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Social Media for Business – How Companies can gain Online Success.

12th July 2017

Social Media for business is quite literally using networking platforms to improve online branding, awareness and ROI. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin etc are social networking websites that allow person to person engagement, the ability to form groups/boards/pages/profiles to attract the attention of potential clients and to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).…

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5 Useful Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence

23rd June 2017

Having a solid online presence and reputation is one of the most important ways in which you can market your brand. Increasingly, this is becoming the best way to promote yourself and reach a wider audience than ever before, far outstripping traditional ways of marketing. The way in which you look after your social media…

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Making sure that you get subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

12th May 2017

Youtube is probably one of the most enjoyed and engaging of the social media channels, the content that it now holds will keep most people occupied and browsing its channels from how to videos to live news streaming, children cartoons to documentaries. Many businesses use Youtube well to build their brand awareness, build subscribers and…

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From the Town Square to Social Media: The Rise of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

12th May 2017

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft once said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. In medieval times, the town square was a public space where residents of the village would gather to hear the local news and updates as well as discounts and special deals on food and…

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6 Steps to Creating a Killer Social Media Video Campaign

25th April 2017

Does your social media strategy include video, or do you think your social media strategy should include video? You’re in the right place.   Social media platforms have soon a huge boom in video content in recent years, with Facebook now reporting over 8 billion video views per day. Video usage is growing fast and…

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Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Managers & Entrepreneurs

3rd April 2017

WHICH OF THESE ARE YOU? A social media manager handling multiple accounts? A business owner DIYing your social media? It’s all about managing and maintaining social media. It’s a big part of doing business today. It’s where your customers are. Your prospects and clients spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.…

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