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Social Media

Making sure that you get subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

12th May 2017

Youtube is probably one of the most enjoyed and engaging of the social media channels, the content that it now holds will keep most people occupied and browsing its channels from how to videos to live news streaming, children cartoons to documentaries. Many businesses use Youtube well to build their brand awareness, build subscribers and…

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From the Town Square to Social Media: The Rise of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

12th May 2017

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft once said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. In medieval times, the town square was a public space where residents of the village would gather to hear the local news and updates as well as discounts and special deals on food and…

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6 Steps to Creating a Killer Social Media Video Campaign

25th April 2017

Does your social media strategy include video, or do you think your social media strategy should include video? You’re in the right place.   Social media platforms have soon a huge boom in video content in recent years, with Facebook now reporting over 8 billion video views per day. Video usage is growing fast and…

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Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Managers & Entrepreneurs

3rd April 2017

WHICH OF THESE ARE YOU? A social media manager handling multiple accounts? A business owner DIYing your social media? It’s all about managing and maintaining social media. It’s a big part of doing business today. It’s where your customers are. Your prospects and clients spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.…

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How to Get a Social Media Job in 3 Easy Steps

28th March 2017

In today’s Internet-based society, working as a social media consultant, or any other position involving social media, is the dream job of many young adults. Let’s face it, who else can excel at social media jobs, if not today’s Facebook generation? However, due to the high request and equally high demand of jobs in this…

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Master YouTube with simple marketing tips

27th March 2017

The mystery weapon in any real brand’s arms stockpile has a tendency to be their influencers and that makes an influencer advertising effort basic. These key individuals from their group are the impetus for advertising endeavors and go about as contacts between a brand and by far most of their gathering of people. Building up…

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Could Your Family Influence The Social Media Of Your Business?

9th March 2017

Using social media to promote and market a business is essential in today’s market. If a business does not utilise social media as well as it should, then it is more likely to fail or to not attract as many customers as it could with the use of social media. Owning different social accounts allows…

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Are You Using Social Media All Wrong?

16th February 2017

Social media is one of the most incredible developments in the modern world. It’s changed the way that we communicate with one another; it allows people to stay close even over vast distances, it’s even changed the way that we think about our own lives. And when something makes this much of difference to the…

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How has social media taken over the 21st century?

2nd February 2017

There are many ways in which social media has taken over our world, especially in terms of marketing and business. Here are a few examples… Improved Customer service Social media can put everybody in touch with everybody, including companies with their customers. Social media has completely raised the bar in terms of the lengths companies…

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