Social Media

What is and how to become a Social Media Influencer

14th April 2019

The term social media influencer is becoming a more and more popular descriptive for some of the more well known faces / accounts on social media. We see headlines with this term on that include both negative and positive themes, we hear big monies earned and stardom reached thanks to certain accounts that we can…

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How Social Media Marketing Surveys Can Get You Closer to Your Customers

13th April 2019

Many companies have not yet detected that their customers spend much of the day reviewing their social networks, so why not, for example, do a survey on Facebook and use these types of platforms to conduct market research? The Importance of Social Media Surveys Social networks are online communities of people who normally share a…

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5 Things that you should never post on social media

22nd March 2019

Social media is now the best way to interact with many people around the world. Millions of users post every day on different social media platforms. Some have even more than one social media account. People share thoughts and personal feelings but sharing too much information isn’t always good. Even previously secretive people at top…

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40 Top Tips to Rock your Instagram Account

15th January 2019

Currently seen as the fastest growing and most popular of the social media networks, Instagram currently has a user data base of over 1 billion active accounts. With a massive 95 million photos and videos being shared on Instagram per day, it is both a vibrant and active place to share your work with though it…

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Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media for Small Businesses

27th December 2018

Well thought through and consistent usage of social media can bring in great brand awareness and new business though there are many ways in which not to use channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media is a free marketing tool for small businesses that enables you to reach audiences across the world from…

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7 ways you can use LinkedIn to drive more sales

13th November 2018

The best salespeople are always on the lookout for new ways to reach out to potential customers. But the most exciting platform for engaging new prospects is often underappreciated. That platform is LinkedIn. The social network for professionals hosts more than half a billion registered accounts. According to some estimates, one in four U.S. adults…

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Instagram Tips

8th November 2018

I’m kinda addicted to Instagram – Aren’t you?? I know many people who are either Pinterest or Instagram and to be honest both platforms are very addictive and especially for business, great for driving traffic your way, but for me Instagram edges things. Instagram is great for both leisure usage as well as business, any…

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How to grow you Twitter audience organically

5th November 2018

Out of all the social media channels out there Twitter engrosses me the most, I simply love its simple yet highly effective way of distributing content across its platform – I find the setup highly addictive. For each and everyone of the businesses I have launched I have always prioritised my efforts on Twitter compared…

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The Benefits of Investing in Social Media Marketing

2nd November 2018

Since their inception, social media and social networking websites have surged in popularity, continually gaining users and now, they have more impact and influence on our lives than ever. Whether social media’s impact on society is a good thing or not is an argument that could go on forever but one thing’s for sure, social…

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Explaining what Social Media is for business in simple terms.

29th October 2018

For those of you relatively new to social media and those thinking about commencing things, many will ask what exactly it is all about and how to use it for business. The simple way of explaining social media for business is to see it the same way as when you go to real life business…

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