Social Media

Using Social Media For Customer Support – Why Do You Need It?

13th July 2018

The Key For a More Successful Business? Everyone wants to have a successful business. Everyone wants to increase profits. Everyone wants to enjoy of a solid and positive reputation. If you run a business, you can relate. Totally. It makes sense for you; however, accomplishing all of those feats won’t come without strategy, investment and…

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Social media and technology

5th July 2018

According to a publication, social media is defined as websites and applications. These are said to be designed to allow people to share content. They distribute this information more efficiently and at an increased rate and in real time. What is technology? We can never talk about social media and ignore technology as a whole.…

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5 Great Youtube Channels to Subscribe to:

22nd June 2018

There are so many videos now on Youtube and accounts to follow that literally every type of topic, any scenario, any latest news, any record breaking event, live footage, political campaign or past black and white movie will be find-able somewhere within the depth of it’s archives… The days of videos, DVD’s or even memory cards…

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How Retailers Can Tell Positive Stories Using Social Media

22nd June 2018

It’s easy to get caught up in negative news, and for retailers – there’s even more of it around than you might think. From falling sales to disgruntled customers, a search online will reveal just how grim the situation can be.   So how can you turn it around? For many businesses, including retail, social…

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Analysing the Role of Social Media Managers in the Aftermath of Cambridge Analytica

13th April 2018

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has created ripples all around the world. The alleged manipulation of data has taken people by surprise, and many are still wondering how social media can have such an impact. Inevitably, this has created a much-needed awakening among social media users. Now, there is an increased awareness about privacy issues as…

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Proven Marketing Tactics to Grow Followers and Engagement on Instagram

21st March 2018

Instagram is the new and one of the best way to make a profit for a lot of businesses. Records state that around 80 percent of the users follow a brand on Instagram and it is no wonder why businesses of varied market and sizes use Instagram to get customers and prospects. Instagram is a…

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The Power of Social Media on Sports

8th March 2018

Social media has an impact on everything that we do, from the way that we talk to our friends, to the way that connect with brands and research companies online. Today, social media even has an impact on the sporting industry. This includes how players and sports stars connect with their fans, how sports companies…

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3 reasons why social media will benefit your business

2nd March 2018

Get to know your customers Being on social media enables you to find out much more about who your customers are and their interests.  By getting to know more about what is important to them, you will be able to use this information to improve your product or service.  It can help you solve problems that you wouldn’t…

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Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Ensure Success

1st March 2018

Marketing your business is your way of getting yourself out there and showing the world who you are and what you do. A few years ago, it was simple enough to make an account on social media, and your leads would go through the roof. But now that it’s 2018, the same logic no longer…

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Getting Started with Social Media Performance Coaching

27th February 2018

Tim Galway says: “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them” It’s a great definition. As social media managers and experts we’re  often asked to coach others within our team, indeed we can often find ourselves coaching ourselves. When we do we need…

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