Estate Agency using Social Media, a winning formula?

30th December 2013

“Estate Agency owners and their marketing managers/team need to fully understand the latest trends within their industry and locality when using Social Media so as to best reach their Target Audiences. They should also be aware that using and managing Social Media platforms can either boost or cause significant harm to their company’s reputation, operations…

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Social Media Raising Brand Awareness for Property Portals.

29th December 2013

Social-Media Raising Brand Awareness for Property Portals Do you use social-media platforms in business? As a property portal our social-media interaction and marketing campaign has been on-going since we launched in Nov 2012. Our team have blogged, Tweeted,  Facebooked, YouTubed, Pinned, Google +’d, Linkedin and generally immersed ourselves in a world of social media since…

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Renovate This – Just Launched – Social Media.

28th December 2013

The idea behind our new service/website was actually born from personal experience. A few years ago we were personally looking for a renovation property that we could renovate over time due to the increase in house prices. Unfortunately it seemed very difficult to find such properties without any cost. At the time, and as it…

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