Advice for New Landlords: How to Successfully Manage a Property Portfolio

12th December 2016

Now you’ve decided to take your first steps into the property markets, you are next faced with the task of turning this into a financially successful venture. It’s fair to say you have quite a lot to contend with and if you are new to the industry, you might lack the experience needed to know…

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Make Your Real Estate Business Grow By Implementing These Tips

7th September 2016

Running a real estate company is a huge challenge. The property market is certainly growing, but there are lots of estate agents out there, so the competition is very strong. If you want to stand out, then you need to do something different. Here’s how you can make your business grow in the right direction.…

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Going Above and Beyond in Retail Customer Service – What Your Business Can Do

11th August 2016

If you run a retail business, you’ll know that customers sometimes be very hard to please. That’s why you have to make sure your customer service is absolutely on the money. This post takes a look at some of the ways you can improve your customer service, getting that all important satisfaction from loyal shoppers.…

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Property investment opportunity outside London is far from bleak

4th June 2016

  According to Manish Chande, Senior Partner at private equity fund management and advisory business Clearbell Capital, the potential for property investment outside of London should not be ignored. In fact, based on Chande’s positive outlook, the property market elsewhere in the UK could be described as ripe for investment opportunity. There are few with…

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23rd May 2016

Few countries in the world have adopted online shopping like the Brits have. In fact, according to recent figures, more shoppers than ever have been spurning the high street in favour of buying goods in the comfort of their own home. This sounds fine for clothing and other common high street items, but what about…

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How are Advances in Technology Changing the Way We House Hunt?

19th May 2016

House hunting is something we used to do by flicking through newspaper ads on Sunday mornings. We’d walk up and down the streets or commute to and from work, keeping an eye out for ‘FOR SALE’ boards in sought-after streets, making a mental note of the estate agent with a plan to pop into their…

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3 Tips to Make Your House the Perfect Airbnb

7th April 2016

Do you live in a big house and have one or more empty rooms? Maybe you have a second home you never visit. If you want to make some extra cash, you should consider putting your house, or an extra room, on websites, such as Airbnb, for people to rent for a few days or…

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How a Supplier Portal Can Make Managing Vital Supplier Relationships Easier

7th April 2016

For many businesses, relationships with suppliers are as vital as those with customers or clients. Whether your suppliers are your source for the products you ultimately sell, or simply provide the things you need internally to operate, a good relationship means stability, transparency, consistency, and of course the best deals, but gaining and maintaining this…

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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home.

14th March 2016

It’s fairly common knowledge that it’s generally more cost effective to improve your home than it is to move to a new one. So, if you’re feeling frustrated about your dated kitchen, the lack of bedrooms or the dark, dingy corners of your living room, get off Pinterest. (After all, that kind of ‘look’ is…

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Online real estate trends expected in 2016

25th January 2016

Predicting the direction of the UK housing market is not an exact science, but it is an interesting pastime. An analysis of the direction of home prices shows a constant and sometimes deadly increase for the first-time buyer who is looking to clamber onto the property ladder; according to This is Money house prices are…

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