Top Tips on How to Sell Your House Quickly, Without Breaking the Bank

5th July 2019

Not only is selling your house one of the most stressful things you can do, but it can also turn out to be very expensive along the way. First off, you think about getting your home thoroughly ready for its sale and may even consider entirely gutting it and redecorating. Then, you have to consider…

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Can you rent your holiday property more easily if it has a pool?

6th June 2019

Absolutely yes! For a multitude of reasons. When most people hear the words” swimming pool”, they instantly think about summer, relaxation, exercise, and fun. The vacation rental marketplace is a competitive environment that grows more popular every year. In today’s busy world, people are so stressed and anxious about their everyday life responsibilities and jobs…

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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

30th April 2019

We’re now moving into peak home sales season but even with the arrival of the warmer weather and the knowledge that many buyers will be hoping to have completed their home purchase with time to move on their own terms, so to speak, during the school holidays, it’s still highly recommended to put a little…

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Online Estate Agent’s Guide to Selling Your Home Online in the UK

5th February 2019

Selling houses online is becoming increasingly popular and is something to consider when selling your house. The best thing about selling a house online is the fact that it increases the chances of your house selling quicker and can help you save money. Here are six tips for selling your house online, provided by Griffin…

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The 2019 Challenges the UK Housing Market is Facing

23rd January 2019

The UK housing market is looking at a turbulent year ahead. Numerous complications have arisen due to political and economic turmoil, and these have directly impacted how the British public view the housing ladder. Moreover, a few social influences have crept in too, once again determining if and how people move into new property. Consequently,…

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Property In The Mix Of An AI Revolution

22nd January 2019

As technology continues to develop and change every industry around us, what are the possible changes we will see in property? As one of the world leaders in AI research, Great Britain has invested large amounts into the research and development of these technologies in order to give itself the edge over other nations. So…

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How much do Solar Panels cost in 2019?

9th January 2019

A great economical and money saving concept for property owners are solar panels though sometimes they can also be seen as eye sores. Whichever your view on solar panels, let us look at the overall cost for installing and running them to include what your likely return on investment would be. Solar Panels – Are…

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10 things that put Property Buyers off

8th January 2019

Selling a property can be a tough task when the market is running a bit flat or seeing a downturn, trying to achieve the best possible price may require you to adopt some techniques in order to add value to your property. When the market is slow then it is likely that buyers will have…

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The difference between an Online Estate Agent and High Street

2nd January 2019

2018 saw a roller coaster ride within the online estate agency world in the UK with continued expansion with ongoing debts  mounting of PurpleBricks to the fast growing and national awareness of Emoov with £millions invested via Crowdcube and then its almost immediate crash and burn in to administration. It was all geared up to…

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

20th December 2018

As temperatures begin to dip and frost, snow and rain become more regular, your home’s boiler can go from being a helpful appliance for a comfortable living environment to an absolute winter essential. Since your boiler gets used more heavily during winter than in other seasons, it’s important to make sure it’s prepared before the…

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