Property In The Mix Of An AI Revolution

22nd January 2019

As technology continues to develop and change every industry around us, what are the possible changes we will see in property? As one of the world leaders in AI research, Great Britain has invested large amounts into the research and development of these technologies in order to give itself the edge over other nations. So…

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How much do Solar Panels cost in 2019?

9th January 2019

A great economical and money saving concept for property owners are solar panels though sometimes they can also be seen as eye sores. Whichever your view on solar panels, let us look at the overall cost for installing and running them to include what your likely return on investment would be. Solar Panels – Are…

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10 things that put Property Buyers off

8th January 2019

Selling a property can be a tough task when the market is running a bit flat or seeing a downturn, trying to achieve the best possible price may require you to adopt some techniques in order to add value to your property. When the market is slow then it is likely that buyers will have…

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The difference between an Online Estate Agent and High Street

2nd January 2019

2018 saw a roller coaster ride within the online estate agency world in the UK with continued expansion with ongoing debts  mounting of PurpleBricks to the fast growing and national awareness of Emoov with £millions invested via Crowdcube and then its almost immediate crash and burn in to administration. It was all geared up to…

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

20th December 2018

As temperatures begin to dip and frost, snow and rain become more regular, your home’s boiler can go from being a helpful appliance for a comfortable living environment to an absolute winter essential. Since your boiler gets used more heavily during winter than in other seasons, it’s important to make sure it’s prepared before the…

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Property Investment Hotspots for 2019

28th November 2018

The year 2018 is clearly drawing to a close and Christmas adverts are already in full swing, so it seems appropriate to start looking ahead to 2019 and thinking about what the New Year might bring us. Specifically, we might want to think about how the property market is going to look and hence where…

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5 Tips To Renting an Office in Hammersmith

12th November 2018

Renting the perfect office space can be quite an exciting turning point for your business especially if you are moving into a larger space. Despite the excitement, it is imperative that you make the right choices. It is important to have the welfare of your business, employees, and clients in mind when choosing the perfect…

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Five Clever Questions to Ask Estate Agents

31st October 2018

Buying a new home can be stressful experience, especially with the omnipresent uncertainly that you’ll never really know what you’re buying until you’ve moved in. That’s where estate agents come in. Yes, their primary job is always going to be make that all-important sale, but it’s also their job to know anything and everything about the property…

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What is happening with Leasehold Reform?

18th October 2018

You may or may not be aware of the recent and ongoing consultation surrounding vast aspects of leasehold law and ownership. It is no surprise to learn that the very system of freehold & leasehold ownership is inherently flawed, lacks transparency and in many ways does not offer leaseholders genuine value for money. So much…

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3 Top Tips for Writing a Killer Property Advert

8th October 2018

Writing sometimes doesn’t come naturally and it can be hard to navigate your way through all the elements to include in your description to really do the property justice and engage with prospective buyers and ultimately get them to pick up the phone and arrange a viewing. It can be very daunting, especially if you…

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