Product Reviews

Celestron 20-80 Skymaster Binoculars

11th August 2018

The sky at night has always fascinated me so I really wanted to try out a decent pair of binoculars to enhance the visual pleasure the stars and planets can offer. A little bit of research both in to manufacturers and the best specifications brought me to the Celestron Skymaster 20-80.   Like many products…

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Hubsan X4 Storm – Racing FPV Drone

7th August 2018

Another drone from one of the most trusted names in drones and an ideal manufacturer to chose from when looking to be introduced to the world of drones. The Hubsan H122D X4 Storm is a neatly designed FPV drone that is ideal for racing, its appearance is more that of a racing car over a…

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A perfect drone for pleasure and professional usage – Hubsan FPV X4 Desire

4th August 2018

The world of drones has exploded on to the scene in the recent couple of years. Where once we had either highly expensive versions or those miniature more or less toy style ones, we now have an array of manufactures with qualities and budgets to suit everyone. Drones are a highly popular product for many…

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Can drones help you make your French Property buying decisions?

4th August 2018

I recent visit over to France looking for a holiday home got me thinking… Maybe I should have taken a drone with me! Having once lived in France the flame still burns inside me for that peaceful rural lifestyle of fine foods, wines, lazy days and going back to what sometimes we forget here in…

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Making ironing a doddle: Russell Hobbs One Temperature Iron

31st July 2018

Brits are typically known for their non-love of ironing, apparently, the most loathed household chore as quoted by YouGov! So how can this chore to many be made that little bit easier so at least you can glide through that pile of washing and motor round that never-ending conveyor belt of shirts to iron? Russell…

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Freshen up your whole property with the InnooCare Diffuser

29th July 2018

We have always used either those plug in the mains air fresheners or more recently, the  reed diffuser sticks within essential oils. Both these options work well in my mind, nothing amazing unless you plump for the more expensive range (especially for the plug in air fresheners) – You also will have to refill which again can work…

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Hubsan H107C mini Drone with 720p HD Camera

26th July 2018

“This little number packs quite a punch, from the moment the package arrived you felt the quality would be good. The weighty box contained a standard size hand controller (near enough similar to an Xbox controller), one small yet robust drone with optional blade protectors, spare blades and the drone battery with charger lead (USB).”…

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Wonderboom Bluetooth Speakers – Just how good are they?

21st July 2018

Among the pile of items to review recently I raised an eyebrow at the parcel from Ultimate Ears and a twin pack of Wonderboom‘s – I have heard a lot about these speakers and really wanted to put these items to the test as many of my friends own wifi / Bluetooth speakers that never really do…

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Secure packaging and storage with

22nd June 2018

Sample review: The Protective polyurethane foam liners we requested due to the amount of Sparkling Wines we have to store at our offices for one of our start-up companies. There is nothing worse that rattling bottles in storage boxes and the inevitable breakages that occur – So we asked RajaPack to send us some solutions and…

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When blunt knives get in the way – Any Sharp pocket knife sharpener:

14th June 2018

The amount of times that I have been at events be it a friends house warming party to food/wine events and have needed to sharpen a blunt knife, even those times when camping and taking along the old trusted Swiss Army knife, a blunt blade has haunted me. Many people will simply forget what a sharp knife…

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