Product Reviews

Peaky Blinders Cocktail Book

18th September 2020

Thomas Shelby has gotten The Shelby Company Ltd to create a Cocktail book, including 40 Cocktails with their own original names. This Cocktail book is set to release on the 20t of October 2020, so you can immerse yourself while watching the show, whether you’re starting from the beginning, still catching up, or preparing for…

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Kikkerland iBed Lap Desk Review

14th September 2020

With more people than ever working from home, there are some people who will want to work from the comfort of their own beds, and here to help out with that comfort is Kikkerlands iBed lap desk. A comfortable desk on your lap is one of the best ways to describe this product, solid on…

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The Future of Sleep

12th September 2020

SoundaSleep has available a pillow that records your sleep and also allows you to listen to music or calming sounds, to help you get to sleep. To utilize this pillow fully, you will need to download the SoundaSleep app which is 465mb in size, after reading the app’s tutorial and run through, which is pretty…

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Podberry – Healthy Snacks

12th September 2020

If you’ve ever felt like a handful of green peas but don’t buy any fresh ones because the cravings to far in between, then Podberry has you covered. Just like two peas in a pod, Podberry has created a snack version on the classic green pea and flavoured it for you. Podberry was kind enough…

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Unique Gifts from Kikkerland

11th September 2020

Kikkerland is the type of website you visit when you want an essential item designed in a cool new way. They have a massive range of products ranging from back to school, games, clocks, music boxes, stationery items and much, much more which you can check out on the Kikkerland website. If you’re thinking ahead…

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Ghostbusters Traps Review

Ghostbusters Trap – Reviewing examples available to buy online

20th June 2020

When it comes to movie props then one of the more popular and recognisable examples is from the 1984 movie Ghostbusters – The ghost trap which appeared in Ghostbusters I and II. The ever popular movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver and Ernie Hudson was released on December 7th…

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A Guide To The Wines Of The World And How To Enjoy Them

15th June 2020

The Wine Explorer by Graham Mitchell released today on June 15th, is a guide to the world of wine, he shares his personal stories from touring wineries across the world, including France, Argentina, South Africa Australia and New Zealand, he shares with you the factors behind the bottle of wine and the world of wine.…

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Holistic – Bergamot + Wild Flowers

2nd June 2020

There are so many candles out there to choose from, so why not experiment a little by going for something a little different. Holistic has a wide range of candles with some common aromas and some new and intriguing ones. Bergamot + Wild Flowers Made with Soy Wax and a 25 hour burn time, this…

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Squeeky Clean World – Organic Cleaning

1st June 2020

Every home needs to be maintained and cleaned, so why not do it organically. Squeeky has its own selection of cleaning products from Bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, cloths, mops, brooms and more. With Squeeky, you will only need to buy one life long bottle, they believe they were the first in the UK…

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Quokka – Your New Water Bottle

27th May 2020

Let’s talk about Quokka, the water bottle, not the happiest animal in the world. There are a lot of choices for picking a water bottle, so why go for Quokka? Metal water bottles are a great option for saving money and reducing plastic waste, these metal bottles cost more upfront than plastic bottles, but throughout…

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