Give Your Venture a Wide Recognition – How?

4th July 2016

With the new digital age upon us, visibility is the key to success for any new or existing brand. In fact, high exposure on Google and other leading search engines can result in increased revenue and sales. Businesses can also become competitively viable in any industry, niche or sector they serve. If your venture is…

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Building A Brand

17th May 2016

Once you build a brand for your company, it is a no brainer that with every single product that you push into the market you are either maintaining the level of the brand, further strengthening the quality associated with the brand or in some cases, tarnishing the reputation of the brand. As we all know,…

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Social Casino Gaming vs. The Real Thing: Which One is Better?

10th May 2016

Casino games are a fascinating way to spend time (and money). Both in real life and online. And in both realms casino games have two different variants: those that involve real money and those that don’t. Except the online casino games you play for “free” are not in fact free. But there are many more…

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Driving Forces of the Video Conferencing Market

3rd May 2016

The global business landscape is constantly shifting, bringing to light new trends and patterns when it comes to how companies operate. Video conferencing is now seen as a viable communications solution for many corporations across the world, offering a number of benefits that would be difficult to achieve by other methods. Video conferencing offers the…

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Effective Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Website

13th April 2016

Long gone are the days when you had to hire an expensive website designer to build and add content to your website. WordPress has changed the way businesses and individuals publish content and has also provided business opportunities that did not exist a few years ago. Below are some of the most effective ways to…

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TV Advertising Costs: What You Should and Can Expect

17th March 2016

The response to: “How much does a tv commercial cost?” is definitely confusing. Here’s the way to calculate an estimated figure : Determine the number of people that locally check out the programmes the ads will appear on. By specializing the ads over a reduced amount of time, someone might multiply their affect. Eventually, each…

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5 helpful apps to help you sell your home

11th February 2016

You need all the help you can get these days when it comes to selling your home. With it taking on average 65 days to make a sale those home owners who have been desperately typing ‘sell house fast’ into Google will discover there are lots of apps out there to support your sale and…

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5 tips to improve your email marketing campaign’s deliverability rate

10th February 2016

Any digital marketer will concede the fact that email deliverability isn’t getting any easier. No longer do you have to rely on anecdotal evidence to argue the fact. In the last couple of years, there have been important data points making the rounds to prove that it’s getting harder for digital marketers to send their…

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How to design a landing page

Why Video Production is Important for Businesses

3rd February 2016

In the modern age of the Internet and connectivity, proper B2C (business to consumer) communication has never been more important. The rise of portable, connected devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones means that now more than ever, people are using the full capabilities of the Internet no matter where they are, which has led to…

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Top 5 Branded Foods for Promotional Marketing

22nd December 2015

Promotional marketing through branded merchandise is fast becoming an area where marketers can go to town on what they can offer consumers and clients alike, in order to enhance their brand reputation. Branded food popularity is growing and with that there are some great items flying off the shelves for businesses aimed at enticing new…

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