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Legal Challenges: How Finding Success for Your Law Firm Can be Made Easier

5th October 2016

Running a law firm has never been easy, but it seems to be getting harder in many ways. There is more work than ever before, and there is more pressure on lawyers. The levels of paperwork are huge, and that can eat into a firm’s profit margins if they’re not careful. So, despite these challenges,…

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What Dirty Little Secrets Could Your Restaurant Be Hiding?

30th September 2016

Most people assume that restaurants are clean and sterile establishments. After all; they are places where food gets cooked and served on a daily basis. And they are popular at all times of the day, not just dinner. So, with that in mind, they should be kept clean at all times, right? But here’s the…

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Files, Faxes and Friendships: Giving The Office A Reboot

27th September 2016

  It’s everyone’s dream to have a fulfilling life, and that extends to our work. If running a company isn’t  giving you the satisfaction you are craving, you may need to look at the environment you’re running. Is it a thriving, productive one? Or does it feel like it needs a jolt? Here are some…

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Binary Options Explained

14th September 2016

In this day and age most of us own a mobile device so it seems only sensible that we use those devices in order to make ourselves some extra cash when needed, and this can be done in various ways. Surveys and reviews are quite a popular method of making a ‘few dollars more’ but…

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Winter Worries: Get Your Business Ready for Colder Weather

30th August 2016

Colder weather can disrupt a business. It could even stop usual operations if adverse weather means equipment isn’t working, or people can’t get to work. Preparing your company for the winter can help to prevent any issues that might arise. You can’t prevent it from snowing or make the road conditions better, but you can…

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Gambling Companies and Advertising

4th August 2016

In 2015 the gambling industry made the record amount of £12.6 billion which was an increase of 3.6 billion of 2012 and figures from Nielsen report that spending on betting advertisements is up by a massive 46% which has infuriated campaigners who have called for stricter regulations of the industry. With the gambling companies spending…

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Tired of Not Making Money? Why Don’t You Play a Game?

4th August 2016

Setting up the perfect gaming lair is not an easy task. There are so many options for gaming machines and cabinets, furniture and technology, that it sometimes seems impossible to make your choice. And it will usually cost you a small fortune to make it perfect. So much that you might sometimes feel tired of…

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Seven Ways Gambling Can Make You a Better Person

16th July 2016

Introduction There are plenty of people that are quick to blame gambling for all of the world’s ills, but there are some real tangible benefits you can achieve from gambling. It’s all about moderation and as long as you can keep that in mind gambling doesn’t need to be viewed as a dark force in…

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William Hill goes live on Betfect

16th June 2016

It is generally accepted that access to data, being able to share information quickly in a cost effective manner, makes for better businesses and society as a whole. Take Uber for example, the sharing of the data, in this case the locations of registered drivers, has led to a revolution in the taxi industry that…

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How do people spend gambling money?

15th June 2016

The world of gaming and online casino offers a huge variety of options to suit anyone’s needs. Finding the best game to spend your money on not only ensures the added pleasures of gaming thrill and fun, it also increases your odds of winning real money. While your own luck is usually a major aspect…

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