Start-up Guide to Forex Trading: From Theory to Practice

31st January 2017

Let’s start with a basic fact; the forex market is among the most competitive and liquid entities in the whole fiscal world. While it may not be quite as popular as it once was (it is estimated that the market recorded a daily trading volume of $6 trillion during its peak in 2012), an average…

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Sew Up The Hole In Your Business’s Pocket and Stop Losing Cash

10th January 2017

There are certain things you absolutely must bay for when running a business, but this isn’t an excuse to be overly exuberant. In this climate of financial instability it is prudent to cut down all areas of over expense and save money to be applied to other areas of the business which may need it…

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Accept Losses in Forex Trading

26th December 2016

Forex trading is all about taking risks. Most people are more inclined to take risks when their risks are leading to profits; however, when a winning streak ends and all your hard work is leading to losses, the level of risks may decrease. Or, for some people, a losing streak may lead to unnecessary risks.…

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How Your Business Should Transfer Money Abroad

16th December 2016

Over the past decade or so, the need for currency transfer services has expanded hugely. Although most Brits transfer their sterling into dollars or euros, but there’s an increasing number of reasons why businesses especially need to convert their currency to more exotic currencies. So, how should your business move its money abroad in a…

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The Pros And Cons of a Forex Demo Account

9th December 2016

With hordes of beginners choosing to trade Forex, there has emerged a need for effective ways of learning how to trade. After all, no one simply knows how to trade Forex. There’s just too many factors to try to pick up as you go. This has led to the creation of many excellent Forex trading…

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How Banks are Reacting to Financial Instability and Changes in Customer Behaviour

29th November 2016

Back in 2008, Lehman Brothers Bank filed for bankruptcy protection, at the time the bank held over $600 billion in assets and the filing was the largest that America had ever seen. The rest, as they say, is history, the financial crisis that many had been predicting was well and truly underway. Eight years down…

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How Does Short Term Lending Work?

28th November 2016

Take Care and Borrow Wisely When people are looking for help after their bank accounts fall short or when they are in a state of financial hardship then short term lending can hold a lot of positive possibilities. There is also a dark and unsavoury side to borrowing money and borrowers can fall victim to…

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2nd November 2016

National currencies always move corresponding to one another at any given point in time. Most citizens in a particular country typically felt this impact only during international travel, for example; $20 may be only enough to buy one cup of coffee in one country, but the same amount of money can also be used to…

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Understanding the Basics of CFD Trading

27th September 2016

CFD, which is an abbreviation for Contracts for Difference, is a type of market trading that is currently attracting a growing number of retail traders all around the globe. CFD trading is simply an agreement that is reached upon by two parties to exchange the final difference gotten between the opening and closing prices of…

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How Brexit Will Impact Global Economies

19th September 2016

Although it has been a number of weeks since Britain chose to exit the European Union, its true impact has yet to be felt. Yes, there were some initial dramatics as investors lost confidence, but these soon stabilised, and although levels may not have entirely recovered, the impact of Brexit today is less marked than…

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