Content Marketing

Why we should all be blogging.

13th January 2015

So…… almost two weeks into the New Year and I’m sticking to my goal of writing at least 4 blog posts a week. And I have to say I’m actually enjoying it. It’s making my brain work hard and it’s definitely testing my writing skills. I’m getting some great feedback and I’ve noticed a small…

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What exactly is #SEO and how can SEO help your Business?

30th December 2014

What is SEO exactly? “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid “organic” search results” Source: Wikipedia. The business of SEO is growing as more and more businesses understand the need to be seen online and with more…

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How to Build a Great Content Marketing Team

16th December 2014

Too many cooks spoil the broth but many hands make light work, so say two of the most familiar, yet conflicting, of old Chinese proverbs. When it comes to building a content marketing team however, which indubitably any successful business will need to do at some point, you can do a lot worse than to…

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What on earth can I blog about?

8th December 2014

I had an interesting conversation about blogging on Twitter this morning……… By now, everyone reading this should understand the potential power of a blog; how it can inform, assist, raise questions and challenge opinions. I have certainly got a deeper appreciation of it since I started creating content for clients and writing guest blogs for…

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To Blog or Not To Blog, Why Bother?

24th November 2014

I saw a man about a blog yesterday, and the good news is that as it is my pet subject (sorry about the pun), he wants me to write a couple of blogs a month for him. It could go up to four blogs in the future. Lots of people like blogs; it’s a place…

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Images for blogs.

9th November 2014

It is great that you are or have written that blog as this will help you to increase your SEO online, but now that you’re about to release that blog, you need the right image to go with it. It is very common for most blog writers to either not have a title image to…

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Blogging for your business: Where to start?

6th November 2014

I had a colleague come up to me the other day asking what all this blogging palaver was about? Well let me tell you if you knew that having an active blog on your website could generate 67% more leads per month you’d think again. Having a blog allows you to develop quality content for…

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Which areas of advertising are booming?

6th November 2014

The face of advertising has altered dramatically over the last decade, and digital has become a crucial area of investment for any business looking to achieve success in this new and ever evolving market. As the consumer audience continues to embrace smart devices as a platform to communicate, discover and purchase, brands that have arrived…

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Should you host your blog on a blog site or your own website?

27th October 2014

Well of course, you should pop your blog on your website. That will mean that the content will be fresh, lots of people will visit your website and both parts will make you better in the eyes of Google, its great for social media and all that SEO stuff (SEO is Search Engine Optimization stuff…

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Understanding the future of Content Marketing.

22nd October 2014

Have the words Content Marketing been circulating around your comms team? There’s no more producing content for contents sake, it’s time to listen to your customers and keep them on side.  When I talk about Content Marketing I simply mean creating the best content you can to service your customers needs, values and behaviour. Many businesses are…

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