Content Marketing

The Business Benefits Of Creating Information Visuals

30th October 2017

All entrepreneurs will have to use data to create visuals at some point during their careers. With that in mind, it makes sense to get hold of a copy of Excel and learn how to use it as soon as possible. If you’re unsure of the benefits, this article will explain some of the ways…

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Advantages of CMS

19th September 2017

Why is content management system so important to have within a business? There are many different businesses that are jumping on the band waggon by getting CMS. Some benefits of this include, it helps you manage content, having the ability to add, remove or edit content at a moments notice. This is extremely valuable to…

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The 5 Key Steps To Creating A Killer Blog Post

28th August 2017

When you’re trying to pull together a successful blog for your business, you can often find yourself wanting to know exactly what makes a strong blog post. After publishing post after post and not getting the traction that you were hoping for, you might be wondering what the secret really is. Well, although there’s no…

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10 Great Websites where you can download Free Stock Images

27th August 2017

If you are a content marketeer or even just a part time blogger on a hobby interest of yours, you will always require decent images to both compliment your blogs and to attract in the readers – For many, it is the photos and videos which really make their blogs work. So, if you haven’t…

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Six Simple Steps To Blog Post Success

22nd August 2017

Each year, blog writing becomes even more of a workable enterprise. In years gone by, anyone who dreamt of making it big by posting online was laughed down by sceptics. And, it’s easy to see why. For the most part, blogging has never been a sure way to earn a living. You might’ve gotten some…

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How I am earning over £1,000 monthly from Sponsored Blog Posts:

15th August 2017

OK, so a catchy title for anyone involved in blogging, but to be honest this is the case now for me as the increase in value of content marketing grows and the exposure of my websites increase. So, how do you go about getting sponsored blogs for your website? Well, it is not that difficult…

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‘Finding The Right Blogging Platform For Your Business’?

13th August 2017

If you’re thinking of using content marketing in order to bring new leads to your business, define your brand or impart your unique knowledge and experience to the masses then a blog should be the cornerstone of your marketing campaign. In the age of widespread smartphone usage, people are engaging with more and more online…

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3 Issues That Can Make Business Videos Appear Amateurish

8th August 2017

If you are using video to market your business, then you’re going to be keen to project an image of a business that very much knows what it’s doing. Not only do you want to encourage your existing customers to continue their use of your company, but you also want to catch the attention of…

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Making Your Content Do More

28th June 2017

If you own a modern business, there’s every chance that you’ve heard of digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing, even if you don’t really have in-depth understanding of how they work. In recent years, as we have become increasingly reliant on the Internet, online marketing has catapulted…

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How to Get the Best Marketing ROI on a Limited Budget

23rd June 2017

No matter how big or small your business, there are challenges when it comes to promoting and marketing your brand. KissMetrics noted from a recent report into the Return on Investment (ROI) in digital marketing, that lack of budget was stifling innovation. A smaller budget doesn’t mean that you cannot sell or promote your business…

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