The programmatic approach to online advertising

7th October 2014

One of the challenging aspects of digital marketing is that the technology, platforms, and tools are changing and evolving so rapidly that it is hard to stay on top of the new trends and industry best practice on how to get the best results for your online advertising campaigns. In this article we are going…

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SlideShare Now Lets You Upload Infographics

15th August 2014

As SlideShare itself states, its goal is simple: to share knowledge online. Over the past eight years, SlideShare has worked tirelessly to meet that goal, becoming one of the most popular and useful sites for sharing professional content and presentation related media. Now, over two years since becoming part of the LinkedIn fold, SlideShare has…

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How Your ‘Traditional’ Business Can Survive In The Social Age

14th August 2014

Everything is about social media these days, absolutely everything. Even when it isn’t. Wait… what? You know what I mean. Businesses about characteristically NOT modern things are having to tread their toes in the murky waters of social. Just how do they survive in the digital age?! Paperstone, a successful office supplies company, are currently…

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How to Promote Your Business or Brand on Tumblr.

24th July 2014

Believe it or not, Tumblr is a fantastic platform for marketing. Most brands tend to overlook it, setting their sights on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or Instagram, instead. We’re not entirely sure why that is. Perhaps they don’t know much about the platform, its demographic or even its potential. In that case, now is…

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Why Having A Great Website Will Increase Your Social Respect.

18th July 2014

Why Having A Great Website Will Increase Your Social Respect You’ve built up an impressive social following, you’re posting all the right things at the right times, people are engaging, liking, sharing and commenting – you, sir or madam, deserve a huge pat on the back! But why is nobody actually following through with their…

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Clippet: An Audio News Revolution?

7th July 2014

It’s no secret that modern newsrooms face huge challenges. True, that at time when traditional media sees falling revenues and an even steeper decline in public opinion, the market for news providers has never been more open. But considering much of that gap is currently being filled by companies more insistent on ‘viral content’ and…

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Is Your Business The Social Riot Police or The Neighbourhood Watch?

10th June 2014

One thing I have debated many times with clients, friends and industry peers is how to deal with virality. When you suddenly lose control of who is saying what about your brand and it’s up the customers to say what they will are you mentally prepared for that? What I have noticed is that there…

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Ready To Start Your Own Business in The Social Age? Go big on social.

25th April 2014

The recession was tough on a lot of people, and the results are still evident throughout the world. With inflation on wages no longer matching that on prices, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to the person they can trust the most – themselves. Whilst starting your own social led business…

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Klout for Business.

2nd March 2014

Klout is a free online tool for measuring your influence, based on the ability for you to drive action on the internet.  You can link Klout up with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Foursquare.  It gives you a score out of 100 as to how influential you are – the closer to 100,…

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Should you Cater for every single Customer?

11th February 2014

Online shopping has to be part of everyone’s business plans. As a business person you have to try and cater for every single customer. If somebody wants to give me their money, I will try my hardest to make it easy for them. Some like to come into the showroom, sit down in our comfy…

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