Protecting Your Market Share is Simple – Do it With This Advice

29th September 2016

The market share your business possesses right now might not stay the same forever. If you let other companies overtake yours, your share of the market will inevitably decrease. That’s not what any business owner wants to happen. But this is a dog eat dog world. If you want to succeed in the world of…

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The Internet is a Corporate Gym, and Your Business Needs a Workout

23rd September 2016

You can apply techniques and situations from daily life to your business. For instance, think about when you go to the gym and the work you do on your body. The idea is to make sure you work hard and get your body in good shape. Now, for a moment, imagine your body is your…

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Amazing Office Features That Will Make Potential Employees Swoon

22nd September 2016

Pexels   So you want to hire only the best employees out there? Well, you need to make sure that you are attracting only the top talent whenever you post a new job advert. Want to know one of the big secrets that can help to send the best people your way? You need to…

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Six Major Reasons Why Having A Company Vehicle Is Beneficial

21st September 2016

As a business, you always want to ensure your expenses are justified. If you’re spending a lot on things like office space, a marketing campaign or anything else, you want to make sure the pros outweigh the cons. Since vehicles are so expensive to buy and operate, many businesses stay away from buying one. However,…

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Who’s Most Likely To Become A New Customer For Your Business?

20th September 2016

While you’ll have all kinds of goals for your business, your primary concern is most likely to generate a profit. Of course, an essential way to boost your profits is to attract clientele. But where do they come from? Some companies market aimlessly without keeping any track of how they’re generating business in the first…

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Five Steps That Are Going To Make Your Customer Calls A Lot Better

16th September 2016

Are you in the business of dealing with a lot of customer calls? It could be a call center you work in or just an environment where you make a lot of sales calls. Whatever your setup, there are a few things that are going to help you get the most out of those calls.…

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How Do You Build That All-Important Personal Brand Of Yours?

15th September 2016

Nowadays, the brand of the person can be so much stronger than that brand of the business. If you’re looking to function as an entrepreneur, that needs to be the case for you, too. You have to build a personal brand and one that can inspire and instill trust. Otherwise, you won’t be acting on…

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Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Your Team Out On An Away Day

14th September 2016

There are many businesses that don’t organise away days at all. Instead, they sit in their offices doing the same thing day in, day out. It’s hardly the type of environment that gets people’s creative juices flowing. And neither is it the sort of situation in which most people want to work.   Then there…

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Easy Ways you can Improve your Business’ Customer Services

7th September 2016

If you were to put yourself in the shoes of your customers, you’d expect nothing but the best in customer services if you had a complaint or question you wanted resolving. More to the point, if you didn’t receive a decent standard of customer care, you certainly wouldn’t be impressed, so why run the risk…

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Sick Of Your Regulars? Here’s How To Attract Better Clients

5th September 2016

If you’ve been running your B2B business for a while, then you’ve probably had dealings that you’d rather forget. You may have felt that the client or customer in question didn’t appreciate the work you had put into the project, or wasn’t willing to pay the full value of what you offered. The first thing…

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