Can direct mail deliver more than digital for luxury brands?

7th May 2021

Marketers worldwide are all trying to solve the same problem – how to get their products in front of an audience who will be interested in them and ultimately want to buy them. That’s where specialist marketing companies can be of such a great advantage. Getting test products into the hands of high net worth…

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3 Quick Shortcuts To Increase Your Net Worth

6th May 2021

The majority of people spend their entire lives trying to increase something called “net worth,” though many don’t realise it. The term net worth is just the remainder you get when you subtract the monetary value of your assets from your liabilities. So, for instance, your assets might be your house, your car, or your…

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4 Service-Based Business Ideas to Try for 2021

5th May 2021

Starting a business might be a milestone you wish to achieve to be financially independent and flexible. Besides, many Brits are taking the entrepreneurial path as statistics show that single-person enterprises make up 76.3% of businesses in the UK. However, as consumers purchase products or services to meet their needs, you need to tailor your…

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Business Management Tips for the Stressed Start-up Owner

17th April 2021

There is no denying that trying to run a start-up can be a stressful endeavour, especially for the unprepared. It does not help that the current situation of the business sector is uncertain due to the pandemic. That said, while the pandemic has caused quite a bit of trouble, it has also opened up opportunities…

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Creative Marketing Agency, Komodo, Launches New Platform to Support Influencer Business Ventures

8th April 2021

Global influencer marketing agency, Komodo, has announced the launch of its sister agency which will work to create bespoke brands and products for influencers and celebrities wanting to start their own business venture. The new agency, Runway, will work directly with select influencers to launch and elevate unique brands from the ground up, handling the…

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How To Improve Your Business Performance

25th March 2021

If you want your company to be around for the long haul then it’s essential you meet and even exceed your goals regularly. You must always be marching forward and gaining traction to ensure you’re getting the results you desire. Otherwise, you risk your competitors identifying your weaknesses and getting in the way of you…

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Business Leadership in China: How to Get It Right

25th March 2021

Every time that investors talk about expanding business to China, they never fail to cite top companies that have grown into global behemoths. Indeed, China has become like a launching pad for enterprises that want to rise to global status. From Apple to Barclays, their presence in China is huge and has been crucial in…

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Benefits of Growing Your Online Visibility

22nd March 2021

Unsure if it’s worth focusing your business’s marketing efforts online? If your business doesn’t have a strong digital presence, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to boost your brand visibility and your sales. As a huge increase in online searches throughout the ongoing pandemic has shown, building your digital space is a great investment for…

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7 Technical Skills for Modern Business Managers

12th March 2021

By enrolling in business school short courses, managers will develop the most important capabilities necessary for leading today’s organizations. It helps in acquiring essential technical skills, including those that are mentioned in this article. 1. Data Analysis Managers are confronted with massive data from different sources. The challenge is to use these insights to drive…

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How SEO Can Help Businesses Bounce Back 

3rd March 2021

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for us all, in more ways than one. With the pandemic leading to company shutdowns, lockdown orders, and isolation for the majority of the countries on the planet, there is no surprise that some businesses have certainly felt the brunt of the pandemic in one way or another. Suppose you are a business owner who is in a position where you have struggled to stay afloat throughout the last year. In that case, then you have probably, at some point, considered what you can do moving forward to promote growth within your business and to help it bounce back in some way, following an unprecedented time full of numerous setbacks. When finding yourself searching for a solution to this problem, you have found yourself in the right place. We…

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