Why Big Companies Go Bust

5th February 2020

Thomas Cook, HMV, Flybe, Debenhams, Mothercare; these are just some of the recent, high profile victims of insolvency, or more informally, ‘going bust’. It’s rarely good news when a company closes, not just for its loyal customers, but also the staff that lose their jobs, and possibly more as a result. Those affected, and potentially…

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Research tips for choosing the right price for your products

27th January 2020

When you are looking to sell products online it is important to find the right balance between a tempting deal for your customers and the profit you need to make as a merchant. Choosing the right price for your products is therefore essential, although this can prove difficult to get right at first. Trial and…

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Benefits of an office filtered water system

23rd January 2020

It’s little wonder that so many stories and anecdotes feature the office water-cooler. At some time or another, practically anyone on your company’s premises needs a drink of water – it’s one of life’s essentials. It’s not only the place where office gossip is shared but also a focus for bright ideas and the development…

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The Importance Of Keeping Up With Google Algorithm Updates

22nd January 2020

In today’s connected corporate market, companies need to not only have a strong online presence, but also keep maintaining and enhancing it to ensure it remains visible and relevant. One key factor that affects any website’s visibility is its search engine ranking. This has an impact on any firm’s position when someone searches for the…

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How to Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show Exhibition

20th January 2020

If you’re planning on taking your brand to a trade show, then the good news is that you don’t have to get the biggest or the flashiest stand to make your brand stand out, gain new custom, and overall get great results from the day. All you need to do is make sure that you…

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4 Vital Components Of Every Successful Business Website

13th January 2020

Every business today needs to have a website if they want to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, lots of businesses are still not using their websites to their full potential. Below are four vital components for any business website that wants to offer real value to users. A Reliable Web Host If you have an unreliable…

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Major Reasons why your Business Competition is Beating You’

8th January 2020

Competition is a huge part of business. Without it, you may not be able to provide the service you could, and you have no real reason to try and push things to that next level. Competition is healthy at the end of the day, but if you feel as though you are falling behind then…

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5 innovative ways to embrace print in your advertising

20th December 2019

Did you know that just 9% of digital ads are viewed for over a second? That’s one of the eye-opening revelations of research by Lumen, which also found that, in contrast, 40% of print ads are seen for the same length of time, as Marketing Week reports. Who said print is dead? This leaves the…

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Seven Points of a Business Continuation Plan

19th December 2019

No one wants to think about the worst happening and that’s true in your professional as well as your personal life. But when it does, you may not have the option to change the circumstances but you can take control over how you react to them. In this article we’re taking a look at making…

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How To Work With Suppliers That Care

18th December 2019

Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be there for convenience, others because they’re an important part of your product or service offering. In the running of a restaurant, for example, it might be that we use branded local suppliers to provide us with certain ingredients, sausages for example. These higher-quality purchases can…

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