How Do You Deal With Problem Employees?

28th March 2017

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of just how valuable your employees are. Employees are the lifeblood of any successful business. After all, they are the ones who are on the front lines making sure that each of the gears that make up your business keep turning. Without a team of dedicated employees, a…

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Calling All Businesses: Please Don’t Hire In A Hurry

28th March 2017

Are you looking to add a new addition to the team? You probably want to do it as soon as possible, right?   And that’s the problem with recruiting: no one wants to go slow. It’s like it’s Prom night and you’re only going to get this one chance. The thing is it isn’t the…

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Mobile apps and how to market them after completion

27th March 2017

Mobile app developers have a lot to think about while in the process of creating a new app. Actual design and development aside, what some perceive to be the ending to a long journey is actually the beginning. What this means is that one an app is complete and ready for customers to use, app…

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Care for your staff with these top tips to boost media agency productivity

17th March 2017

You’re a bustling media agency firing out hundreds of tweets, shares and likes every day, keeping the gears of the internet machine grinding like the endless pool of distraction it is. But no matter how many fantastic infographics crank out of the company coffers in your working week, even the most successful digital media agency…

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What is Portfolio Management and how can it help my Business?

16th March 2017

To secure your future, you need to invest wisely now. The sun may be shining currently, but it’s always wise to save for a cloudy day. One way that you can do this is to diversify your business portfolio. If you can manage this portfolio wisely and invest securely, then you can do just that.…

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Impress to Progress! Wow Onlookers with These Business Tips

13th March 2017

Some may make the claim that the only thing that matters in the world of business is how well the work at hand is done. And it seems like that’s the way things should be, right? Isn’t that the only thing that matters in this field – how well you do your job?   As…

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Soils & Sales: An Agriculture Business

8th March 2017

Starting any type of business takes a lot of forward thinking. Working in a specialized industry, like farming or agriculture requires not just a lot of business common sense, but also the physical demands placed on you for the tasks themselves can be quite testing. The work in agriculture is long days in rough conditions,…

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You Need To Know If Your Business Is Heading For Disaster

7th March 2017

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is a good motto for any business owner. You always need to be prepared to deal with a potential disaster in your company. For instance businesses in the UK are hoping that Brexit won’t impact on sales, costs, and profits. However, they still need to prepare…

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Health and Safety: Is it Just a Necessary Evil or Something More?

6th March 2017

Healthy and safety measures tend to be seen little more than headaches that have to be put up with. But how true is that? Are they really worthwhile? And who benefits from strict health and safety measures in the workplace. These are questions worth exploring, and you’ll find some answers in the information below.  …

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Get Your Product To Market In Record Time

3rd March 2017

Some startups are able to begin selling their services in just a few weeks, sometimes less. But these tend to be those that are reliant on services and already have experts in place who are able to deliver to customers on the ground. We’re talking legal firms, accountants and even hairdressers.   But what happens…

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