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The Importance Of Site Structure

January 24, 2019

Have you ever thought about the way your website has been structured? If your site was designed by a web developer, then you probably haven’t given this much thought before. However, it could be worth taking a few minutes to review your site structure, especially if you created your website yourself. Generally speaking, a web…

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Tips To Manage Your Employees Well

January 24, 2019

We all want our business to run like clockwork and employees can make a big difference to the working environment and the level of productivity that happens in the workplace. So how can you manage your employees well? Be Organised   It’s important to set examples within the organisation so, therefore, being organised with things…

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Taking Your Business To The Next Level: What You Won’t Have Thought Of

January 23, 2019

Many businesses start from home with you as the only person working on it. You do everything from your accounts management, website management to making the sales and sending out the products. It can be exhausting. But over time, you may see your business grow and you begin to think that the next steps and…

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Advice When Hiring New Staff For Your Company

January 21, 2019

Hiring staff for your company can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. But with many more hands to the table, the addition of staff can certainly help grow your company. So with that in mind, here is some useful advice for hiring new staff.   What’s Your Budget?   First things first,…

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Is It a Good Idea to Translate Your Website from English to Finnish?

January 17, 2019

If you are extending services or information to communities in Finland, it is a good idea to translate your website from English to Finnish. You may or may not be informed that Finland is a bilingual country, and depending on your audience, your site may need both Swedish and Finnish translations. Finnish translation will be…

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Temporary Buildings for Car Valeting and Repair

January 14, 2019

A temporary structure for vehicle repairs and valeting would be the perfect solution for starting a business or expanding an existing one. Permanent buildings are expensive to build and they also take too much time. A temporary building can be used while the permanent structure is being constructed. Your temporary structure can be made to…

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10 Easy Businesses to start at home for under £100

January 10, 2019

Working from home and being self employed continues to increase in popularity in the UK. Over the last few years the trend has continued to grow, 4.77 million in a recent count were self employed which totals around 15% of the working population. What about you? Do you feel like a change from working for the…

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Ecommerce Gamechangers to Embrace ASAP

January 9, 2019

As retail giants and traditional storefronts continue to cut costs or even shut their doors, we can’t help but wonder how the future of ecommerce will look. Between the announcements that Toys R Us was filing for bankruptcy and Walmart had halted hiring for the holiday season, it’s clear that digital commerce is putting a…

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Key essentials for the perfect home office setup

January 4, 2019

Many people will dream about working from home, a way to dive out of those boring and at times stressful commutes to work, be out of the way from the boss and those annoying work colleagues and a chance to spend more time with family, friends and pets. For many people the option to work…

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Importance of Employee Training: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

January 3, 2019

The world is changing at a fast pace, so much so that employees can quickly become under qualified for their role. This can be remedied, of course, by keeping on top of employee training and ensuring you give them the skills they need to succeed. It does require your investment, but as you will see…

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