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Archive for September 2019

Top Health & Safety Measures For Factory Workers

For factory workers, health and safety is, of course, a top priority. It’s essential to be adequately prepared for all of the potential risks involved. Whether you’ve worked in a factory for weeks or years, it’s a good idea to always revisit the top health and safety measures.  Proper training  It’s impossible to uphold health…

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What Are The 5 Best Qualifications For Your Career

An education is the key to success. Very few would disagree with this statement, but which qualifications are the best to see you succeed in your career? Well, it really depends on your aims, is it money? Or have you a certain industry sector that interests you or do you have a particular job role…

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Sign up offers for slots that you don’t want to miss

ne of the best deals out there that you can get from a casino, especially online, is the sign up offers that slot websites and casinos give to new customers. Check out what some offers that await you at   And sometimes, even those who have been loyal clients for years, because there can…

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Why should you have a retirement plan [Infographic]

Retirement can be the best time of your life. Even though your health might not be the same as when you were twenty or thirty, you will have time for whatever you wish to do. Most people decide to travel during their retirement. However, to be able to do that you would need a retirement…

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How To Recruit From A Larger & More Diverse Talent Pool

When recruiting, we often know that the talent comes first, at the behest of everything else. Usually, the most qualified person will get the job. But that’s not always the case. There are many other factors which we use to determine the best applicant, and to structure a successful employment period at our firms.  …

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Why IVAs Are Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water

The word is out: Individual Voluntary Arrangements or IVAs are on the rise after a first-quarter hiatus. This is bad news for personal insolvencies, according to a debt management firm called The firm argues that when individuals file for IVAs, they are acknowledging that their debt challenges are up to their necks. Disclosure is…

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Improving Quality and Productivity in Food Manufacturing

Quality is vital for businesses in the food industry. It’s essential to meet the standards that are set out by the law and by industry bodies. At the same time, business owners want to ensure their company is as productive as possible, and makes use of the time they have. Balancing quality and productivity can…

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Three Big Rules Of Marketing

There are many rules to marketing, and most of you probably won’t know any of them, because you don’t know to. You might understand the basics of how to work a social media page, and you might have got to grips with the expenses of Google Adwords. But for the most part, marketing is something…

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Using Custom Bags to Promote Your Brand

When you have a business, you have to come up with creative means of popularising the services that you offer. One effective method of doing so is by handing out promotional products such as custom bags. These bags can be given away as gifts or as carry-bags for items bought at your store or from…

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Thunderstruck 1 Slot

This thunderous by Microgaming is a striking adventure awaiting worthy players to answer the call and discover the gold. This epic fantasy is a popular classic a favourite for many. You’ll be struck at how much fun this online slot is when you try it at Wizard Slots.   Thunderstruck is an online slot that…

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