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Archive for March 2019

How To Run A Successful Marketing Collaboration

Marketing collaborations are a great way to boost your reach and tap into new markets without spending a huge amount of money. If you can find another business that works in a similar area without being in direct competition with you, you’ll both benefit from a joint marketing campaign. For example, if you’re running a…

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3 Techniques For A Successful Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

The world of cryptocurrency is no longer just about Bitcoin. There are at least 1,500 emerging alternative cryptocurrencies storming the market with promises of multiple applications spanning beyond currency. And there are many more being churned out by startups across the globe. As technology eats deeper into our daily lives up to a point where…

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How to Take Advantage of the Boom in Online Shopping

It is said that more than 50% of Internet use relates to online shopping. There is very little you cannot purchase over the Internet and the goods are often cheaper as the businesses do not have the overheads of physical stores to consider.  Although people complain that the number of physical stores is getting less…

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How to take advantage of London amenities without working in London

It’s tempting to think that, if you want to maximise your UK company’s chances of success without leaving British shores, you need to be in London. Indeed, The Guardian declares confidently that “London has firmly established itself as a leading digital hub.” Many businesses outside the capital could also envy the apparently plentiful amenities on…

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5 Things that you should never post on social media

Social media is now the best way to interact with many people around the world. Millions of users post every day on different social media platforms. Some have even more than one social media account. People share thoughts and personal feelings but sharing too much information isn’t always good. Even previously secretive people at top…

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How To Use Vehicle Advertising: Number Plates, Stickers & More

If you own a business and use a vehicle or fleet of vehicles to carry out your professional responsibilities, there are lots of ways you can turn this to your advantage from a marketing perspective. Of course if you have yet to leverage your automotive resources as a platform for advertising your services and building…

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Clearing a Drug Test – Use Test Clear To Pass a Drug Test

Most users find it hard to find reliable products to use prior to their drug test. Many companies currently offer high-quality products and detailed information to help individuals effectively pass various drug tests. These product offerings range from hair shampoo and detox drinks to pee additives and substitutes – products specially made to defeat the…

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How an accountant can help you manage your cash flow

Managing your cash flow is key for any company but keeping on top of the books isn’t an easy – or particularly appealing – job. Hiring an accountant to take over this responsibility means you can concentrate on your core business and spend less time worrying about your finances. These are just some of the…

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4 Online Slot Machines you Must try out

Slot machines have been very popular since their invention, however, today there is such a big variety on the online market that is almost impossible to identify an impressive one. Therefore, in the following article I will bring together some of the best online slot games from the website, since they are amongst the…

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