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Archive for August 2018

Refurbish, Repair and Refresh: How To Make Money On Your Property

When you purchased your first house you never imagined having the financial freedom to upgrade to a bigger and newer model. The time has now come for you to move out and make the advance into a bigger property. Whether you’re looking into luxury properties or an abode with more bedrooms, you want to make…

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Keysafe Consumer 500

“So, where have you left the spare set of keys just in case we have to pop round to check something?” “They are under the larger flower pot next to the front door… ”  Sounds familiar? Security is of upmost importance these days especially where we now frequently let out property on short term lets and…

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The Benefits of a Utility Bidder in a Business

Consulting services for electric bills are useful. There are instances when you feel frustrated with the amount that you need to pay for bills. Even if you feel like you did not use appliances and devices more than what you did the previous month, you still ended up spending a more significant sum of money.…

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Four things to look for in a reputable payment gateway

There are a lot of things to consider when setting up a business. Among them is, how to secure payments. It can be a challenge for business owners because there are many financial options and choices to make. As you set up a payment gateway for your business, you need to keep your customers’ comfort…

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3 Tips to Improve Your Business Productivity

Getting the most out of your team and providing the perfect infrastructure to deliver the right results is key to the success of any business. Productivity isn’t just about giving incentives to your staff, however, it’s about ensuring they are able to do their job effectively, day in day out. The good news is that…

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Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Now that you have been out of school for a few months, you might be wondering what to do with your old textbooks that are no longer needed. Maybe you are planning to move and want to get rid of unneeded items like used textbooks. This is a great time to sell used textbooks, as…

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Fierce APACHE Gaming PC Desktop Computer Bundle Review

The PC Is Beast And It’s Not Badly Priced This Fierce APACHE Gaming PC came pre-built and comes with the following: Intel Core i5 8500. with the price tag of around £180 it is powerful for gaming with 6 Cores and 6 Threads. 1TB Hard Drive. Although it is twice as much as the XboxOne and PS4…

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AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

The AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell is the kind of item you didn’t know you needed until you have it. It comes with a doorbell, 2 plugs, 2 screws, 1 adhesive patch for easy installation of transmitter and the instructions. Right from the start it’s very simply to set up, with instructions that are easy to follow, you could have…

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