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Archive for July 2018

Making ironing a doddle: Russell Hobbs One Temperature Iron

Brits are typically known for their non-love of ironing, apparently, the most loathed household chore as quoted by YouGov! So how can this chore to many be made that little bit easier so at least you can glide through that pile of washing and motor round that never-ending conveyor belt of shirts to iron? Russell…

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Will Online Sales Ever Overtake Offline?

Online shopping might be convenient, but in America 80% of purchases still happen in physical stores. You certainly don’t need to worry about your favorite stores disappearing any time soon. However, online retailers are having to up their game when providing a good customer experience, and being competitive with prices. Is there a chance for online…

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A Powerful Online Presence

How many time do you shop on the internet compared to going into the store. Aside from buying your food shop from the supermarket, we can bet that most of your shopping is done on the internet. It’s just so much easier to click a few buttons, wait a day or two for a product…

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Freshen up your whole property with the InnooCare Diffuser

We have always used either those plug in the mains air fresheners or more recently, the  reed diffuser sticks within essential oils. Both these options work well in my mind, nothing amazing unless you plump for the more expensive range (especially for the plug in air fresheners) – You also will have to refill which again can work…

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The Virtue of Virtual – Why You Should Consider a Virtual Office

The world is in the midst of experiencing a technological renaissance where all tools are becoming streamlined, but there is enough of the old stuff to remind us of why our new gadgets are great. The business office has also been transformed as well. As more and more people adopt the remote-working format, the virtual…

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How To Keep Your Brand Exciting

If you are thinking about starting up your own business, then there are many things that you will need to think about. First of all, you need to have an idea. Essentially you want to try and fill the void in the market that you’re looking to get into, but this is an extremely difficult…

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Past times as an Ex Pat living in France

It is a dream for many people to plan for retirement over in France. Especially us Brits, we seem to have a certain love affair when it comes to thoughts of spending our work free years over in France, that pull of finer weather, quieter lifestyle, better food, health system, roads and of course the…

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Hubsan H107C mini Drone with 720p HD Camera

“This little number packs quite a punch, from the moment the package arrived you felt the quality would be good. The weighty box contained a standard size hand controller (near enough similar to an Xbox controller), one small yet robust drone with optional blade protectors, spare blades and the drone battery with charger lead (USB).”…

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5 Tips to Optimise Your Ecommerce Delivery Process

If you’re in ecommerce, you probably know the feeling. You’re in full control during the entire creative and manufacturing process, you A/B test your landing pages to make sure that they are fully optimised for customers and you do everything possible to ensure that your users have the best possible experience. Then you ship your…

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