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Archive for April 2018

How Design Impacts Business Marketing Success

Marketing a business is a very tricky thing. There are loads of different strands to consider, it’s almost like a spider web that keeps on growing and growing. You’ve got digital marketing, which spins off and includes things like social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. There’s traditional marketing, which spins off to include things…

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Types of Marketing and Why You Need to be Using Them

Running a business can be exciting, stressful, fun and profitable all at the same time. There may be some points where you have no idea what to do or what is going to happen, and at others, you know exactly what you want to achieve and you have a clear plan on how you are…

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Hardwearing: Finding The Pieces For Your Server Room

As the world of IT and computing gets bigger and bigger, more businesses than ever are having to adopt their own infrastructure to cope with it. With software tools dominating the world of admin, design, and several other fields, and these machines being at the heart of almost all modern power tools, it’s easy to…

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Why You Need Your Business To Be Visual

People respond to visual cues more often than they respond to anything else. Of course you can have a good jingle to accompany your advert that can get stuck in people’s heads, but that can be far more annoying than it is useful in the customer mind! And with the modern age of the internet…

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The Best Ways To Do Face To Face Marketing

Marketing is something people need to practice to become good at. It’s a skill that’s often in short supply in this day and age, as we still like to subscribe to the old generation of face to face contact and absolutely no means to contact someone in milliseconds. However, when it comes to marketing in…

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Bluetooth headset Sunglasses, Beanies and more via

More gadgets to review and this time Bluetooth ways to keep that music rolling when you are out and about. Some nice products here from Bestorx (thanks guys for the samples) and all of great quality and descent prices. The sunglasses with single Bluetooth ear piece is ideal for those sunny days. The glasses will…

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How to Get the Best ROI with Digital Marketing in 2018

A strong focus on digital marking is becoming more necessary every year, and 2018 is no exception. Connecting with your audience and target market online can increase publicity and lead to sales, but only if done right. Businesses must carefully analyse which digital marketing strategies are in alignment with their brand and will yield the…

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Making Your Next Presentation as Impressive as Possible

Giving a presentation is a relatively stressful experience for even the most confident of public speakers amongst us. However, there are various precautions that you can take to ensure that it goes as swimmingly as possible, reducing your anxiety levels and allowing you to focus on your performance and delivery rather than other errors and…

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Ways To Boost Your Income Without Getting A Second Job

When you start to feel the pinch and realise your money isn’t going quite as far as you need it to, most people tighten their belts and try to cut their expenses down as much as they can. Unfortunately, this will only ever go so far, and unless you wildly overspend each month, you’re unlikely…

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