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Archive for July 2017

Headhunting Like A Pro: Which Professionals Should You Target?

There might come a time during the life of any business when the boss wants to move things forward. That often requires them to employ new professionals who can bring something different to the operation. Locating and identifying those experts can become somewhat of an art form. For that reason, there is some information on…

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Why Use Landing Pages?

You’ve got your website set up and looking just the way you like it. The analytics are confirming that visitors are drilling ever-deeper into your content toward that all important buy-it-now button. Then your boss pings you an email asking how many landing pages you’ve got live. If you don’t have any at all, then…

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A step by step guide to planning a successful corporate event

There are various types of events that your business might seriously consider holding to help spread the word or develop staff skills. Those events could include retreats, product launches, and teambuilding events. However, there is a range of things that you need to account for if your ultimate objective is ensuring an event that stays…

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It’s Time To Make Your Website Work For You!

It’s bizarre to think that it wasn’t really all that long ago when the idea of having a website for your business was considered something of a luxury. It seemed as though the only businesses that had any real need for a website were incredibly large companies and those who specifically did their business online.…

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Keeping your employees safe in the workplace: what you need to know

While there are many things that your employees can do to help preserve their safety in your workplace, this doesn’t take away from your own responsibilities enshrined by UK health and safety law. Those responsibilities include ensuring that your staff work in suitable, risk-free conditions – and there are various ways that you can meet…

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How to Make Your Life Spectacular When Being a Contractor

Being a contractor can be hard work, but it does come with a few upsides like getting to chose the work you do, not having to answer to anyone as you make your work! The hard parts do tend to outweigh the good parts though, the long hours of doing very exhausting work, and when…

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Building Better Relationships With Your Clients

If you work in the world of providing services to clients, then you realise that fostering better business-to-client relationships is the only way to create a sustainable business model. Providing top quality services is obviously going to be part of the equation. But a lot of business owners and freelancers trip themselves up by believing…

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How the Hospitality Industry Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

Do you work in hospitality? Did you know that you can get one of the biggest returns on investment by investing in social media marketing strategies? It’s not all that surprising when you consider the popularity of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and the fact that you can directly engage with your target market, but so…

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Growing Your Software Developing Business 101

Working as an independent software developer has become an increasingly popular career over the last decade. With technology constantly improving, there is always a space in the market for developers. If you can create something that no one else has, then you’re going to be earning a brilliant wage.   The problem with software is…

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It’s Not Just Good To Talk, It’s Better Than Email!

Did you know that emailing is only 7% as effective as talking? The benefits of technology to our ability to develop ideas, products, and companies have shown limitless bounds, but when it comes to being in the loop in business it’s not just about email and IM, it’s about talking more, in a personal sense,…

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