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Archive for February 2017

Secrets Of Rags To Riches Success Stories

There are business owners online today who seem to have been taken from rags to riches overnight. Is this possible and if so how? Well first, suggesting things can change overnight is quite an exaggeration. It often takes weeks or even months for business professionals to find their footing online. That said, it is possible…

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Business On A Time-Budget

Planning a new business takes a lot of time. If you’re working on a start-up and business plan, you’ll see that it’s more than just snazzy websites and for small business owners, time is valuable. A new business takes a lot of graft and working long, hard hours is the norm. Managers can often feel…

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Speed Up Project Delivery Without Compromising on Quality

Getting a project finished quickly and producing quality work at the same time is a balancing act. If you work too fast in the wrong ways, you could end up negatively affecting the outcome of the project. But if you spend too long trying to get everything just right, you might not meet the deadlines…

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The Truth Behind Great Web Design

When people talk about great web design, they usually think that a blessed creative individual is the reason why a website is doing great and yours isn’t. You might be thinking something like “if I had a professional and talented designer on my team, I’d have a great website as well!”. Well, you wouldn’t be…

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4 Things All Start-ups Can Learn from Big Companies

You might think that you shouldn’t be going after the big guns in business just yet and you’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be learning from the things they’ve done in the past and the steps they’ve taken to success. Innovate and Imitate Amazon, ask most people what it’s the name…

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Freelancing Do’s and Don’ts for Newbies

Freelancing is an incredibly popular career choice now that the internet has made it easy for people to share all of their work online and create amazing online portfolios with ease. However, there are plenty of freelancing do’s and don’ts that could benefit many newbies, and here are just some of those tips. Image Credit…

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Digital Age Dilemmas to Get Your Head Around

With great technological power, comes a whole heap of things to get your head around and to get used to, especially when you’re in the business of making money using said technological power. As a business owner, it’s pivotal that you are not only making the most out of everything that the Digital Age offers,…

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Where To Invest Your Most Important Asset: Time

Business can be a fickle game at times. There is a lot of pressure in the game as the working world never actually sleeps, and sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle to keep up. As new business trends and opportunities are developing all the time, it can be difficult to know where exactly…

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4 online marketing tips that can work wonders for restaurants

According to a 2016 marketing whitepaper by Pragma, the UK bar and restaurant industry was worth £78.8 billion in 2014, showing an increase of 0.86% since 2008. The report also found that independent restaurants were losing market share over the period at a rate of -2.8%, giving up ground to fine dining and branded restaurants.…

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