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Archive for December 2016

Spreading Word Of Your Brand New Business

Spreading word of a new business is always hard. If you’re starting at a small level and have small goals, you might think things will be easier for you, because you’re not competing with the big fish, but business isn’t that simple. Merely capturing the attention of consumers at all is difficult, whether your reach…

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What you should be looking out for from Social Media in 2017:

From the many hours I have spent working across social media platforms in 2016, I can certainly see that is has both grown and advanced for the positive, especially towards those using it for business purposes. Everyday users have seen that they are far more likely to grab the attention of brands by using social…

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The Numbers Game: Why Data Is So Important To Your Business

What’s the most important aspect of your business?   It could be the cash coming in, the money that pays you and your employees. It could be the workplace ethic, and how you treat the people working for you. It may be the brand that sells your image and product across the globe. It might…

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Thanks to Social Media, I’m earning £1,000’s monthly:

It is important to understand the difference between social media helping us to sell compared to directly selling. We all have our marketing channels out there from using local newspapers to our websites, adverts on our company cars to email marketing campaigns, these all drive interest, traffic and enquiries, but how many of us record…

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How to Get Verified on Twitter – The Ultimate Guide:

For those of you, who just like me, that love Twitter then you will be very familiar what the blue tick means and the effect that this magical little icon means. For those outside of this zone, a blue tick on Twitter means that your account has been verified by Twitter and besides your account…

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5 simple steps to banish public speaking nerves for good

Nothing strikes fear into you like being asked to give a presentation at work. Tense team meetings? Fine. Dealing with stressed clients? No problem. Taking on a major project all by yourself? Piece of cake. But stand up in front of 10 or more people and deliver a speech? Now that’s where your nerves give…

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Make Your Business Securer With These Simple Steps

All business owners want their companies to be safe and secure. Not only does this benefit their employees’ personal safety, but it also means that there is no risk that any sensitive information or data that you handle in the office will be lost or stolen. So there is no wonder that many businesses and…

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Accept Losses in Forex Trading

Forex trading is all about taking risks. Most people are more inclined to take risks when their risks are leading to profits; however, when a winning streak ends and all your hard work is leading to losses, the level of risks may decrease. Or, for some people, a losing streak may lead to unnecessary risks.…

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New Casino Games to Explore This Christmas

Christmas is here yet again, and brings with it, the opportunity to have some fun while all the celebrations are all along the way. It will be interesting to play your favourite slot games at the convenience of your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. You can choose from a range of new and delightful Christmas…

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Why Van Santen Network is wishing everyone a harmonious 2017

It’s a Van Santen Network tradition to send the world a themed inspirational Christmas wish each year. Owner Christian van Santen feels that ‘connecting’ is more important than ever in the coming year: “Together, we can achieve more.” Van Santen Network would like to wish you all a harmonious 2017. To reinforce that message, we’ve…

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