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Archive for November 2016

How To Hit Your Logistics On The Head

When you first started your business, I’m sure your logistics process was easy enough to pin down. You probably didn’t have that many orders to process, and your shipping process probably didn’t involve much more than packing the item, printing off a label and sending it off. Once your operation has grown enough though, things…

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How Does Short Term Lending Work?

Take Care and Borrow Wisely When people are looking for help after their bank accounts fall short or when they are in a state of financial hardship then short term lending can hold a lot of positive possibilities. There is also a dark and unsavoury side to borrowing money and borrowers can fall victim to…

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Why Is Your Company’s Search Engine Ranking So Important?

With the increase in internet-based marketing methods, there are many new digital techniques to keep up with. One of the most important, which you’ll likely have heard plenty of times, is SEO. SEO, or search engine optimisation, involves getting your website ranked highly on search engines. It’s mostly applied to Google, but can also be…

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How Exchange Rates Affect Your Business

For most business owners who deal domestically, exchange rates seem like no more than abstract figures. Yes, you’re aware that the pound is worth less than it used to be, but aside from wondering how it will affect your summer holiday budget, you give it little thought. The same cannot be said for businesses who…

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How Could Inflation Affect Your Business

According to leading think tank, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, UK inflation will quadruple to about 4% in the second half of 2017. Many shoppers will already have noticed that the price their weekly shop has been increasing, with Marmite, Typhoo, and other food manufacturers admitting that they have had to raise…

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Saudi Arabia Looks to Diversify Economy After Oil Prices Fall

Saudi Arabia is looking to reform its economy as part of an ambitious new plan entitled Vision 2030. The country’s economic growth is at its slowest in three years, and could even approach by zero by the end of the year. At the moment, oil makes us 87% of Saudi Arabia’s earnings, but due to…

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Retaining staff in a Competitive Environment

It does not really matter where you are based in the world, marketing is a very competitive industry. The fact that businesses can hire a marketer from other countries means that you are competing with literally thousands of other marketing firms for business. If you fail to deliver, you can lose work literally overnight. You…

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Ten Most Common English Editing Mistakes Made by ESL Academics

Proofreading and Copyediting one’s own work is a difficult task in itself. It becomes even harder when you are writing in a second language and need to spot the language mistakes as well as the typos. Here we look at the ten mistakes that ESL writers are most likely to miss while they are editing…

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