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Archive for October 2016

How to Give the Ultimate Business Presentation

Giving a presentation is something most of us absolutely dread doing, but at some point many of us will be required to do it in our working lives. Rather than actively trying to avoid the problem, why not focus your efforts on addressing these weaknesses instead? Whether it’s a room full of your closest peers…

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The Internet Of Things.

Have you seen that thing on the Internet? When a conversation has become a bit monotonous ‘things on the internet’ can provide endless topics of discussion to keep things flowing. It can be an article you’ve read, a video you’ve watched or a song you’ve listened to. Things you see on the internet can be…

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Becoming a fitness guru: how to beat the budget gyms

Everyone wants to get fit. Seriously, who can honestly say they wouldn’t love to drop a few pounds and discover hidden abs of steel? The only sticking point for personal trainers is that no one wants to pay through the nose for it. It’s partly why low-cost budget gyms have come to dominate the landscape…

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What is Branding Marketing About?

Branding Marketing is the process of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product or service from competing ones An effective branding strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly growing and competitive markets. As such, branding management and marketing refers to your promise and commitment in front of the customer.…

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The 4 Unmissable Qualities Of A Well-Run Business

There is no one way to run a business; in fact, every venture is slightly different. There are, however, several key components which are common to the majority of businesses. Regardless of what a business does or is invested in, these are likely to remain the case. If you run your own business, then you…

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Intelligent Tips For Setting Up A Business In The Education Sector

The education sector is a fantastic place to start a business. There are a few business ideas you can work with here. However, the best one is starting a tutoring business. Providing tutoring services is in high-demand right now. Especially in older students getting ready to sit their GCSE’s or A-Levels. Consequently, there is a…

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What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Becoming Better Marketers

Steve Jobs pulled off maybe the greatest turnaround ever seen in corporate history. In 2000, Apple computers was almost a complete write-off. But then with some guile and very smart marketing, Jobs managed to turn the whole thing around. Today the company is right at the forefront of some of the most exciting developments in…

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