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Archive for August 2016

Everything You Need to Know About E-commerce Shipping

As a small business owner, you work hard to ensure your customers have the best possible shopping experience during each stage of the transaction. All businesses know that in order to be successful, customer satisfaction is everything. However, there’s one part of the customer experience you have very little control over – delivery. Did you…

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Winter Worries: Get Your Business Ready for Colder Weather

Colder weather can disrupt a business. It could even stop usual operations if adverse weather means equipment isn’t working, or people can’t get to work. Preparing your company for the winter can help to prevent any issues that might arise. You can’t prevent it from snowing or make the road conditions better, but you can…

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Why Data Is Your Ally In The Fight For Higher Email Click Through Rates

Right now there’s an interesting trend developing in the world of email marketing. Email open rates have increased substantially. According to Epsilon, they’ve gone from 22.4 percent in 2010 to over 30.8 percent today. That’s great news for companies that depend on email marketing to sell their brand. Unfortunately, however, click through rates have declined.…

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Important Considerations To Make When Hiring New Employees

Employees are the backbone of your business. A successful company will have hard-working, passionate employees who keep business operations running smoothly. To fill your business with the right people, you’ll want to take some time when it comes to the employment process.   Don’t just hire the first person available. Ensure you find the right…

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4 Services Your Business Should Be Outsourcing

These days, the word ‘outsourcing’ has negative connotations because it’s simply seen as a way for larger companies to take advantage of cheaper labour costs overseas. This is just a part of the picture though. Outsourcing is usually done on a local level, and is essential in enabling smaller companies to compete in competitive industries.…

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Turn Website Visitors Into Customers For Your Business

Pixabay Image   If you run a business selling products or services, a website is a crucial part of generating business. Sites can be used to advertise your services, promote your company’s name and gain visitors.   Many company websites bring in plenty of traffic, but not enough stick around long enough to become customers.…

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In Business, Product Presentation Really Matters

Startups are always after the secret sauce that turns a company from nothing to international success. The common wisdom is that the secret sauce doesn’t exist. Each business, we’re told, has to find its own way and something that works in its own unique circumstances. But is that always true? What about presentation and design?…

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What Does It Take To Create A Brand That Stands Out & Becomes A Hit?

It’s no secret that the key to success as a startup is effective marketing. However, what a lot of businesses struggle with is finding the marketing solutions that are affordable and effective. As well as, a good fit for them. To create that winning marketing formula that leads to your company standing out, it takes…

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Investors At XTrade Europe and Investment Forecast

Online XTrade Europe investors look pretty much relaxed these days, which is strange, especially when we know the situation on the global market. The fact is that risks grow every single day, but it seems nobody cares about it. Maybe it is all because of relatively steady values of risks indexes (City index and Barclay…

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