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Archive for May 2016

Nail Your Next Presentation

Building your brand is never an easy proposition. It requires a lot of work to get you brand off the ground, and it often times requires heavy lifting on your end. Part of that work, often times, is preparing and delivering a presentation. Whether you are a veteran or presentations or embarking on your first,…

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The Top Myths About Mobile Phone Batteries

We’re probably all guilty of either believing or telling people that if we do certain things when charging our mobile phones, it will damage the battery. When our phones seem to need charging 5 times a day, it can be easy to believe that certain phone chargers or the way we charge our phones can…

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The Importance Of Planning Ahead In Business

With social media having become an essential tool in any business, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you have a planned social strategy. Content across all social channels needs to be a mixture of planned pieces, (e.g. directed content, awareness days and national holidays) and reactionary pieces, (e.g. views on a recent news article and…

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Constant innovations and expansion into new markets

The betting industry is one of the most competitive and innovative industries around, with operators constantly vying with each other to take a bigger market share, and bring in more customers. While this means pushing existing products, it also means constant innovations and expansion into new markets. Gibraltar based operator Lottoland has stepped into the…

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Top 3 careers that don’t require a university degree

Not all careers have to start from a university degree or formal educations. Some of today’s most innovative trades require as much dedication as their most traditional counterparts, but, unlike most of them, are less restrictive when it comes to analysing your personal background. We decided to take a closer look at inspiring careers that…

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Few countries in the world have adopted online shopping like the Brits have. In fact, according to recent figures, more shoppers than ever have been spurning the high street in favour of buying goods in the comfort of their own home. This sounds fine for clothing and other common high street items, but what about…

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How To Keep Your Cash From Flowing While Searching For A New Job

These days, chasing after our dream job is not easy, especially if you have a lot of things to worry right after graduation. Many people still have to worry about their student loans, house rent and other necessities like food clothing and transportation. The chance of getting a high-paying job is very slim, even when…

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How are Advances in Technology Changing the Way We House Hunt?

House hunting is something we used to do by flicking through newspaper ads on Sunday mornings. We’d walk up and down the streets or commute to and from work, keeping an eye out for ‘FOR SALE’ boards in sought-after streets, making a mental note of the estate agent with a plan to pop into their…

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